Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Attention World Cup Widows: Visit Switzerland!

Switzerland is offering World Cup football widows an alternative this summer.

Dear Girls: Why not escape this summer's World Cup to a country where men spend less time on football, and more time on you?

A TV ad featuring hunky Swiss fellas, including Mr. Switzerland milking a cow, is meant to entice women to escape to Switzerland during the World Cup.

See for yourselves, ladies. Is this TV spot (German version) enough to lure you to the Alps? (link opens .mpg)
English version here ... see "Our World Cup commercial."

Via [Adverblog]


  1. *links travelocity whilst fanning self briskly*
    they had me at sweaty pitchfork man.
    and did you notice there at the end, when the guy milking stopped?
    the cow started CRYING.

  2. First Nations: I'm already gone. Will leave you my forwarding address.

  3. well he's rather nice isn't he?