Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hamster Wheel

Spinning faster and faster on his exercise wheel, this hamster-in-a-hurry can’t keep up the pace and loses control. View hamster wheel video clip.

Via [Cute Overload]


  1. Yay! I'm first!

    That's a gerbil, isn't it?

    Anyway (fave word), I've never understood the fascination with wheels.

    Apart from those that aint stuck to one spot, like exercise bikes. Bloody pointless, if you ask me. Who the hell wants to ride for 20 miles a day and still be in the same place at the end of it?

  2. Can't get to see the video clip, but it looks as if he's working up a right sweat with that cover being all steamed up. Is there a video screen so he gets to watch MTV as well?

  3. Piggy & Tazzy: It does look more like a gerbil than a hamster. Maybe that's what hamsters look like in Sweden. That's's a Swedish hamster.

    Betty: Just tested it out and the video works for me. Maybe the video's banned in Britian. Yeah, he's watching the "Hamster Dance" on MTV.

  4. We've seen it now (had to download something from Microsoft).

    I think he's watching either Happy Hardcore or Death Metal. No wonder he passed out.

    Sorry we assume he's a man. We know it's sexist but we can't help ourselves.

  5. By the way, we've just bought a new treadmill, partly inspired by the hamster, as the old one was bound to throw us off at some point.

  6. Geoff: I feel that this Swedish hamster has some sort of mind control over you. You’ve purchased a new treadmill AND downloaded new software because of the hamster. What next, I ask you. What next?