Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Heat is On

It's Canada Day AND Norma's birthday, Bitches!

The Mistress is not going anywhere. 
Temperatures for the next few days hover around 46°Celsius. That's over 114°Fahrenheit. 

I'm keeping my undies in the icebox.  


  1. WOW!!

    and Happy Canada Day, sugar! xoxox

  2. *YIKES* almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NORMA!! xoxox

  3. I've heard the Mountie always gets his man. Can anyone confirm this?

  4. Do we think Norma arranged this heat wave, just to get us all naked for her big day??? It was hot here too.

    Happy Birthday Norma! Are new dentures in order this year?

  5. it was 12.2 here today in San Francisco. I had on a sweater and a hoodie,

  6. If Norma is lucky, she'll be mounted by that Mountie. Happy birthday, Norma!

    46°C?!? That's ridiculous. Does Justin Trudeau know about this? Does the Queen?!? Keep calm and stay cool.

  7. Replies
    1. That incident occurred in Alberta which is the Canadian equivalent of Texas.

      With apologies to LX and Eroswings who live in Texas. And I think Peenee was born there.

    2. Thanks for that link Mr.Device

      The only thing to make it any funnier would be the Benny Hill music. When she came through the ceiling...I wet myself!

  8. 46°C!!!!! And we thought our 30°C was special!! Keep cool m'dear.
    Happy Birthday, Norma!!! And Have a wonderful maple day!! And thank you for supplying me with somewhere to hang my bra!

  9. 46c/114f? Inside a closed car?

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Birthday Norma!

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  11. Darlings, you're all too kind!

    If you put a Fahrenheit "F" next to my age, I'm the high temperature in Canada! Isn't it wonderful?

    1. 114? You're still looking good.

    2. Norma dear,

      Your crust be baked,
      through time and trial,
      your escapades,
      both ribald and vile.

      You fetter on,
      in lady-like repose,
      in just a weary push-up bra,
      and yellowed support hose.

      We wish you well,
      and only the best,
      couch cushion excavated mints,
      and a Christmas sweater vest.

      Keep Nomra=ing,
      'tis a verb,
      no matter how you sprawl,
      your silhouette's superb.

  12. 114! Yikes! It rarely gets quite that hot here in California. Good luck to you.

  13. Yes, you are hot, dear MIstress.

    Best wishes, congratulations and all, dearest Norma !

  14. It's not fair that you get Trudeau and we get someone who loves kissing Putins arse.

  15. Happy Canada Day will you be having putain for your dinner? Yeah Gods 114° that would play havoc with my flanges, I used to dry soft fruit in the conservatory in less heat than that.

    Happy Birthday Norma I hope Testosteone is penning a verse or two for you right now.

  16. The Mountie is merely demonstrating the best way to keep one's extremities cool in such temperatures. More young men should follow his lead... Jx

    PS Happy 114th, Norma!

  17. .•.*.•.*.•.*.•.*.•.*.•.*
    Happy Birthday, Norma!!!


    Cheers and Best Wishes for many more years of good food, good company, and good times!


  18. Happy Canada Day! I shall eat maple syrup all week to celebrate.