Monday, June 11, 2018

It's About Time

What do you Bitches use to tell the time?  

A wristwatch? A Smartphone? A sundial?


  1. Replies
    1. Norma dear,

      It's marched on past,
      your hole of glory,
      the plot worn thin,
      you haven't a story.

      For the here and now,
      in an open state,
      rests in a bun,
      on another's plate.

      Your toxic swill,
      and pungent musk,
      call off the dogs,
      your enchantment - brusque.

      We've heard the lure,
      and seen the beckon,
      your tasty bate,
      ain't seen no peckin'.

      So best keep time,
      is measured stance,
      in a picture window,
      sans shirt and pants.

      The religious won't knock,
      the neighbors won't visit,
      horny urchins window wash,
      after they jhiz it.

      Viva home delivery,
      safe sex is yours,
      just mow, clip, and hatchet,
      your mound of wet furs.

  2. I use my phone. I also play Yahtzee on it, but that's aboout it.

    1. Yahtzee? Hmm, I'll have to check that out/

    2. Norma dear,

      Of full house,
      or four of a kind,
      keep score on the pad,
      they love you for your mind.

      One supposes a phone,
      if en robed just right,
      could vibrate when called upon,
      some snowy night.

      You throw legs,
      like others throw dice,
      with wild abandon,
      a gentlemen's vice.

      So take your twat,
      and guide each shiver,
      get pumped and hosed,
      make chance deliver.

      A parlor game,
      or a parlor dame,
      on a folding chair,
      they'll recall your name.

      Your act is cleaned,
      the pencil sharp,
      From 1 to 6,
      just spread your tarp.

      Score high or low,
      they add the same,
      a group of men,
      your fortune to tame.

  3. Watches, Clocks, Phones, Cable TV, Radio, and my favorite, the prices of drinks in the bar. When the prices get low in the afternoon, it's Happy Hour, the best time of day!!!

  4. I can't seem to escape time. It's done terrible things to my face.

  5. I can sympathise with you there Scarlet, I've been botox free for almost a year and I'm starting to resemble Zelda from the Terrahawks, it is a worry.

    I have a cuckoo clock in the living room, a tasteful modern one in white, it doesn't have any of the gubbins hanging from it. Sometimes I'll ask Echo for the time.

    My maid of all work has an Echo in her bedroom I often sneak in there and tell it to set the alarm for 3am.

    1. Oh! Zelda gave me nightmares when I was young. Make sure you're stocked up on Oil of Ulay if you've given up the botox, Mitzi.

  6. Yes, A sun dial. I have the houseboys stand in the garden. Lovely way to watch time go by.

  7. Who needs to know what hour it is when something like that is hanging there?

    It's supper time! Jx

    1. Someone give girlfriend a bib...she bound to chow down......

  8. Digital clocks and iPad in the house. Wristwatch when I’m out.

  9. Well, I have a stone henge but it's not very portable, so I tend to resort to a dandelion clock (or my phone if they're out of season).

  10. Dem Glücklichen schlägt keine Stunde.
    And for whom the bell tolls, man up & get over it, I say.
    I do not carry a watch of any kind anymore, for years now. I liked to have my father's wrist watch on me, perhaps I'll use it again. Years ago I was wearing a pocket watch on a chain regularily, when I wore a suit, but as already said, I do not use a clock / wtach anymore. They are everywhere. And if need be, when I am travelling or in some business engaged I have a stoneaged portable with me that shows the time accurately. I lived by the clock for ages, nowadays not so much anymore. But I still can go to sleep and tell myself e.g. "five hours", and I will wake up after five hours. That's enough for me.

  11. So ... this is it ?
    The end of an aera ?
    The knitting blog we all loved & that turned into a friendly oasis of deviant filth for the seasoned connaiseur simply fizzled out ?
    Ach, that's the way it goes in Blogsville ...

    I'll erect a stele for you, thinking of and praising the one and only Mistress, aka Our Lady from the Gestreiften Pantyhose, - excuse me while I rub ashes in my face, ashen lady, but this is not the right moment to cite The Doors, weird scenes inside the goldmine, ach I'm gently ebbing out with the flow ... be kind, give us a sign, or abandon us in the desert, as you may like, but darling, remember yer bitches, lift the veil a second - at least assure us about your plans - is The Infomaniac just a rotten corpse or will it turn into a blooming, lovely, scented lady's garden again ?

    1. How could I miss Canada Day and Norma's birthday?