Friday, July 13, 2018

Fruit Juice



  1. Clothing Optional Day at Le Tour?

  2. All natural, hand squeezed I presume?

  3. The fruit's free for the picking, but
    they may charge extra for the juice.

  4. Is this one of those roadside stands where you squeeze your own?

    I suppose I could give it a try......

  5. Norma dear,

    Their frames are lean,
    their loins unfettered,
    your lecherous nature,
    cannot be bettered.

    For youth of slightly legal age,
    will catch your glance,
    make your nethers enrage.

    We know you dear,
    seen you like this before,
    is it just starting,
    or is one already out the door?

    Assembly line beds,
    to accommodate the lust.
    Norma prefers dry sheets,
    when each new lad's thrust.

    But the saga is ancient,
    like our famed lass.
    Their eyes adjust,
    and they depart en mass.

    But youth spring eternal,
    and the unsuspecting grow on trees.
    Stationed at her mink glory hole,
    Norma trolls on bent knees.

  6. What refreshing way to start the morning.
    That's two of my five-a-day sorted - now to find the other three!

  7. I like to give my fruit a thoroughly good rinse under the tap before I pop it into my ever so willing mouth.

  8. Now this is my idea on how to eliminate plastic straws! Save the planet, suck organic!

  9. Mother Teresa knew what she meant when she said: "Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand."

    But, as Norma said, at what cost? Jx