Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Happy 4th of Jul ...


  1. Ha!

    Batman and Robin's safe word: Ketchup!

  2. LOL It would be even happier if...


  3. Norma dear,

    So fly your flag,
    with knees at half mast,
    Rally 'round the boys,
    imbibe their heartfelt blast.

    Patriotism or catechism,
    you make America great,
    Norma embodies the recipe,
    on how men should mate.

    So sparkle and celebrate,
    kneel Nealy, KNEEL!
    Just wrap up in the flag,
    and form a sticky seal.

  4. Jesus, I'm not even here yet and the poetry's flowing.

    1. That was just the pre-cum of poetry.

      Saw your hip replacement...(and the words spewed Norma, spewed!)

      Norma dear,

      A hipster of the horny sort,
      you sag and sway with ease.
      Such a rigid replacement,
      that notion's sure to please.

      So dangle what drops,
      and dab what drools.
      Sponge bath or shower,
      avoid swimming pools.

      You look to be the sturdy sort,
      with pelvic girdle wide.
      Better to swirl and undulate,
      best cautiously astride.

      We love you Norma dear,
      for you show it all.
      With this latest update,
      you've more men to enthrall.

    2. Of bulging veins,
      and pulsing shaft,
      Norma indulges in

      She squeezes, guides,
      and re-positions,
      Her knowing lips
      pleasure commissions.

      Our Norma dear,
      in leather or luxe,
      Finds menfolk folly,
      free-wheeling fucks.

      She's one to tarry,
      when the groove is right,
      at a car-wash stall by day,
      or an alley entrance at night.

      Her hallowed pubes,
      parted by the masses,
      Are singed and tinged,
      by the butch and male lasses.

      Norma's done 'em all,
      with hands-on-hips delight.
      She shares her vaults,
      with or without others in sight.

      No shame has she,
      her man count soars.
      So long as someone
      pushes, grinds, or bores.

      The milky flow,
      a river runs through,
      Norma's lazy river,
      is for everyone to do.

    3. Fascinating how Independence Day means such different things to different people.

      Oops, I just came.

  5. HM The Queen's Official Birthday was before either of them. Jx

  6. I knew Batman was a perv, but to be a Canadianian as well, good god. How appalling.

  7. The Samba Festival starts next week.

  8. Happy 7th July!!
    I hear swearing coming from the other room, which means England can't be doing well.