Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Eye Wash Station

For the benefit of our more sensitive readers, an eye wash station is being installed, here on Infomaniac...


Comments have poured in over the years from distressed readers such as Mr. Peenee who said, "I don't understand why that harridan continues to exhort us to "Click to enlarge..." when there is already more information on hand than we need. All I want is to bleach my eyes."

We here at Infomaniac wish to point out that bleach is hazardous. Therefore we have installed an eye wash station for your health and safety.

-- The Management


  1. I'm still waiting for the FUKITOL® dispenser...

  2. Guess it's back to the
    waterproof mascara counter for me!

  3. I'm just glad my small, but sensible, comment made a difference. You see, change IS possible. We MUST continue to protest the EVIL OVERLORDS! DEATH TO THE MISTRESS.

  4. Sorry. I may have gotten carried away there.

  5. Good to see that it is the no-nonsense stuff one may find in labs.
    Oh how well the Mistress cares for us !

  6. Is it time for an intervention?

  7. A one stop pit stop...right next to the wet wipe dispenser no doubt.

  8. Replies
    1. Wazzat?!? Did someone say gin??

      Oh. Maddie got here first and drained it dry.

  9. "Now you say you're sorry
    For being so untrue
    Well you can cry me a river
    Cry me a river
    I cried a river over you

    You drove me, nearly drove me
    Out of my head
    While you never shed a tear

    Remember, I remember
    All that you said
    Told me love was too plebeian
    Told me you were through with me

    And now you say you love me
    Well, just to prove you do
    Come on and cry me a river
    Cry me a river

    I cried a river over you."

    That's the patented "Julie London Eye-Moistener"® version.


  10. Nice. The only thing better would be a hot facial towel or a cannabis advent calendar to help one relax and feel refreshed.

  11. Has Peenee issued a fatwa on The Mistress?

    1. No, but it's possible I may have mentioned the words "fathead" and "mistress" in the same sentence, a time or tow.

    2. Dammit, where's that new batch of "banned" stickers?!