Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year's Eve Party!

Welcome to the combination New Year's Eve Party / birthday party for Savannah!

Both events fall on December 31st but we've started a day early for those of you Bitches who have a lot of parties to attend.

As you can see from the photo above, The Mistress has briefly roused herself from her sick bed and is blowing ... her horn to signal the start to the festivities. Shall we proceed?

First, let me begin by welcoming each one of you as you come through the door...

It's okay. The Mistress is not contagious.

Savannah (the birthday girl) has already been swept off her feet...

This party game started out innocently enough...


But look at the mess you Bitches have made!...

And of course, there's always one of you...

Hey! The master bedroom is off limits, Bitches!...


The Mistress can't possibly keep up with you in her delicate condition. She is kicking all you Bitches out of the house...

This party is moving to The Gincuzzi!...



  1. Yay First!
    Happy New Year Bitches and Happy Birthday Savvy...
    Thanks for all the fun and games once again even if I have been of the air for most of the year. life just gets busy darlings... I'll be in the gincuzzi if you wanna talk... that is if I can still talk...

  2. Thanks for starting a day early Mistress! An extra day at the eggnog bowl!

  3. Happy New Year Bitches ✨🎇🎆🎈🍸

    What a party! I think I'll be in the gincuuzzi plenty, that should kill any germs for sure...unless there will be wondering hands. Ah Hell, it a party! Meanwhile I used to be able to blow my own horn, but it's a party trick I can't seem to do anymore.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow Bitches!!! And the veriest Happy Birthday, Savvy!!

  5. Happy New Year, sweetpeas!!! xoxo for you, Mistress for the end of one year with the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!! xoxoxox

  6. *~_~*~_~*~_~*~_~*~_~*
    Happy New Year!!! •.*~.•.*~.•.*~.•.*~


    May the New Year bring y'all good fortune, good laughs, and good times, and May it keep you in good health, good spirits, and good company.
    And Happy Birthday,
    Cheers and Best wishes for many more years of feasts, fun, and frivolity!

  7. What anniversary of Savannah’s 39th birthday is this?

  8. Mmmmm - a gincuzzi party with an added finger buffet! I'm in... Jx

  9. Happy Savvy Birthday Years New. I just skipped the mess at the font door and went straight for the Vodka Fountain and that bitch that fell in there at Christmas is still there. At last, an explanation for the crime scene/Do Not Enter tape.

  10. I was going to bring a cake, but knowing what happens to cake around here, I brought fireworks to celebrate instead.
    On second thought, seeing all the toilet paper, it's probably best not to light any, lest we cause a conflagration.

    1. Oh.... a actual firework. I thought you meant a pocket rocket dear.

    2. I do enjoy setting off fireworks!

  11. To MJ and all you fantastic Infomaniac readers, I say:

    Happy New Year!!!
    May the New Year keep y'all healthy, hearty, and in high spirits, filling y'all with love, laughter, and joy. Best wishes and Good fortune to y'all! Be safe. Be warm. Be happy. May the New Year surround you with lots of feasts, fun, and frivolities. Cheers!

  12. Happiest Birthday Savannah!

    Sorry I couldn't make the party...
    The Mistress may not have
    been contagious, but I am.