Monday, April 21, 2014

Vaginal Art

Vaginal Knitting. No, I'm not talking about the time I knit myself a new uterus...

An Australian artist spent 28 days knitting from wool that she inserted in her vagina.

Everyday she took a new skein of wool that was wound so that it would unravel from the centre and she stuck it up inside her... and then she pulled out the thread and knitted.

Meanwhile, back at the Infomaniac Art Gallery...

More recently, a Swiss artist "gave birth" to a painting by ejecting paint-filled eggs from her vagina.


  1. i mean, who couldn't use an extra pair of hands;
    or whatever.

  2. Is the Infomaniac Art Gallery closed to the public once a month?

  3. I don't even want to know how she arrived at this idea, but she must be awful dry up in there. And don't EVEN THINK of sending me one of her gems.

  4. And another thing, couldn't she tye dye the old fashion way?

  5. Wow, 28 days, that's practically a month. Oh, wait....

  6. And whenever she showed up in a sweater, you know all her friends would edge away thinking "Is that THE sweater?"

    "don't touch those socks, you don't know where that yarn has been."

  7. I suppose this is one way of getting an explosion of colour to liven up an otherwise dull sweater.

  8. I am not the artist.

    That is all.

    1. If Damien's not the Aussie artist, then it must be Princess.

      We haven't heard from HER for a good 28 days, have we?

    2. It's Princess. It is definitely Princess.

  9. I think that Swiss artist has a big future in cake decorating...

  10. I'll bet it smells like fish after three days.

    Oh Geez, now my cup of coffee taste funny. yuk!

  11. Don't forget the Earth Day sale in the Infomaniac Art Gallery Gift Shop!

    Half off all Australian sweaters, made of natural wool genuinely handcrafted and packed individually from the land down under! Colors and scents may vary according to date of manufacture.

    Also, 90% off Easter eggs uniquely dyed and painted in the newly developed Swiss method, honed from years of mastering the kegel method! Come see the artist at work as she demonstrates why she is the best and most skilled athlete on the Infomaniac Egg Toss and Paintball and Ping Pong Teams!

  12. Vagina Knitting? I wonder if...she is knitting a muff from her muff?

  13. You cunt do that with a ping pong ball.

  14. Ah yes, the eternal wonder of "creative feminity", feminine creativity or whatever ... "splotsh" ... thank you ... Others painted with their menstrual blood ; one male artist once used female bodies as kind of brush, was more of an happening I guess.

    Ariadne spun the thread to lead the silly hero out of the labyrinth. Wonder whether Kacey (Sorry when misspelled) uses some scissors chanelling the Norns:

    "Thence come the maidens
    mighty in wisdom,
    Three from the dwelling
    down 'neath the tree;
    Urth is one named,
    Verthandi the next,--
    On the wood they scored,--
    and Skuld the third.
    Laws they made there,
    and life allotted
    To the sons of men,
    and set their fates."

    Can't say that I fear the vulva, but thank you Kacey for taking away these possible fears. While the Swiss lady trained her vaginal muscles for point and shoot - yep, sometimes I feel as if I'd been born this way. Anyway, I bet she now can crack nuts with her labia.

    1. We all aspire to crack nuts with our labia.