Saturday, May 25, 2013

Plumber's Crack

Mistress MJ is away for the day and has left the handymen in charge of the bathroom renovation...

Do you think they can be trusted to get the job done?


  1. Uh... Have I visited the wrong blog? Where are the fat old men with their willies out?

    Yay! First!

  2. They can be "thrusted" alright!

  3. Replies
    1. We had Klementine, she threw radioactive waste into washing machines ...

    2. Another foto from Das erste Leben der Angela M?

  4. They'll get right round the U-bend, I reckon! Jx

  5. surely there'll be some plumbing,
    but not the kohler kind.

  6. Have you sprung a leak dear mistress?

    I think i might have... I've suddenly become all moist!

  7. Yesterday kabuki chanced upon three different episodes of plumber's crack. Kanuki and MJ are magically linked.

  8. I once smoked crack with a Jamaican plumber in a bathroom,, truly...

    It was in NYC, in the year 2000, in an apartment being renovated, no electricity.., at about 3 am. He believed in ghosts & that one was present with us....

    When I left I had no idea where in the city I was, I threw open the doors and immediately my eyes lighted upon the streetsigns:

    First Ave. & 1st. St.

    I remember too-
    He was very lithe & sultry, he also apparently hadn't bathed for weeks!

    It was all very.., Romantic.


  9. I have a small crack in the bathroom that need filling.

  10. I made a search on Google to see if I could find a plumber to unclog my drain and I found this young man holding his big tool in his hand...

    Well... what did you expect, bitches? Did you think I would actually link you to a picture of a man holding his penis in his hand? (I know Wally... you would do him!)

    Anyho, this young lad happened to be an athlete. Yes, that's it: an athlete. He represented Canada at the Mundial des Métiers, known in English as the World Skills competitions which took place in London in 2011.

    Worldskills is some sort of the Olympic Games of the blue-collars. Participants from all over the world compete in many different and diverse technique: you'll find plumbers, electricians, welders, carpenters, automobile mechanics, landscapers, and even beauticians and hair dressers.

    I was so totally appalled by the fact that none of the famous staff of The Hair Hall of Fame salon ever made it to the Mundial. I know, you are also shocked. Shame, shame, shame!

    The next Worldskills Olympics will be held in Leipzig, Germany, next July. Check out the fine talented young men and women who will make Team Canada for this year (I can already guess which ones Wally would do).

    No doubt that our special correspondant, namely Mr. Mago, will attend the event and fill us in with all the juicy details.

    All kidding aside, I think this is great. Those people are way more important to our well-being than all the lunatic and egotistical Hollywood celebrities.


    1. As for me I would do Bart right now!

      Then Bo, and Cody.

      And David and....

  11. Mistress MJ has returned and is about to delete the spam comments...which, by the way, will make Mr. Peenee look like he's talking to himself.