Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Legal Proceedings

Legal Proceedings are underway regarding The Infomaniac House of Beauty versus The Mean Dirty Pirate Leprosarium.

Mistress MJ has been advised by her legal team not to talk about “matters under investigation”.


  1. 1st

    Does the Leprosarium have a hot tub?

  2. NOOOO! I want another butter stick treatment!!

  3. godsdammit! Pipped to first place.

    Bravo once again, xl.

    Actually, I'm glad I wasn't the first through the door. Not to the leprosarium, anyway...

  4. **backs out very quickly**

    er, I think I left the iron on?

  5. Hai ID!
    Hai XL! (do you have some kind of alert set when Mistress MJ posts?!)
    Hai Boxer!

    Anyone want to ditch the Infomaniac House of Beauty and the Leprosarium to join me in The BarRectum?

  6. Crapp-o-rama! That link doesn't work! Try this one: BarRectum

  7. “See you in court bitch”

    Court date has been set for Friday...If you last that long...bitch!

    Remember: At the Mean Dirty Pirate Leprosarium to mention that you caught it from the Infomaniac House of Beauty and receive a 10% percent discount towards purchase of your own personal anti-toxin armadillo.

  8. BITCHES: Right, I’ve HAD it with you bitches.

    My back isn’t turned five minutes and half of you are over at Ayem8y’s cashing in on those 10% discounts he’s offering at the Leprosarium and the rest of you are drinking yourselves into a stupor at Random Chick’s Butt Bar.

    No further comment.

  9. hello? hello? i'm still dealing witht the self inflicted eyebleaching! *sigh* what'd i miss? xoxoxo

  10. counter sue.....or just send Knudsen round...

  11. I bet this is just an excuse for Ayem8y to get dressed up as a monk and take advantage of the faithful, to put the lay in laypeople!

  12. ...but I have hired a bunch of massaging meercats to help out. And some furry ferrets... just put them done your pants and they do all the work.

  13. Oooh, legal proceedings.

    Can i be Judge Judy?

    Oh and Scarlet darling, its nice to see that you have been able to tame the odd meercat and ferret,
    what about taming unruly bushes? Any luck there yet?

  14. I'd enjoy anything if it involved an armadillo.

  15. Le prosarium is very prosaic.