Friday, April 09, 2010

Filthy Friday – How Not To Decorate Edition

No actual dangly bits are involved in this week's Filthy Friday and yet ...

(click to enlarge a teensy bit)

Thanks to the sauve and sophisticated (yet saucy) TJB of Stirred, Straight Up, With A Twist for this submission.


  1. You can say what you want about the decor but I am not really noticing because he is wearing thise nasty socks.

    Although I doubt that I would find hos feer any less nasty.

  2. That look on his wee little face.... Has he had a vision or is the excessively tight pleather cutting off the blood to his head?

  3. I wonder if he squeaks when he walks

  4. Obviously another Princess.

    I see he has Mary on his wall, and such a wonderful display of kitch.
    None of wich would look out of place at home..

    Err, they are clowns arn't they?

    Oh no,there is one even humping the blue glass vase...

    On second thoughts there are some objects that I will just not tollerate...

  5. About time you stopped the filthy stuff, nothing wrong with this.

  6. Indeed, Mr Beastie, I think he needs a good oiling.

  7. So that's what Michael Palin is doing these days.

    Oh Hai Pete, Princess, Miss Scarlet!

  8. One should never criticize nine year old little boys decorating tastes instead focus on the perverts that sneak into their rooms and snap naughty pictures of themselves in lurid costumes.

    If you look closely there is just a tiny bit of room left to cram another crappy clown on that bookshelf.

    One more thought; Is he getting ready for the Pride or the Shame parade?

  9. Enough clowning around.

    There's a new post up.

  10. He reminds me a little of Mel Gibson the morning after the night before...

  11. If there was a contest titled "wrong on so many levels" I believe we would be looking at the winner. Now I gotta take a bath.

  12. How can a man be so terribly perverted and store the books in the lowest shelf? That is really ill.
    He would fit into Princess' latest series of superheroes.