Sunday, May 20, 2007

Infomaniac Update

1) Blogging Roundup will appear on Monday but it will be a “Reader’s Digest Condensed” version of your usual Roundup as I can’t get ‘round to everyone this week. So don’t feel neglected if you’re not featured.

2) Look for “The Definitive History of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts” on Tuesday. I’ll leave that post up for at least a few days so you can read and appreciate the many fabulous Elf Shorts winners who’ve preceded me. And soon to come … "The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition!" You could be the winner!

3) The results of the FA Cup Final. Discuss.

Ta for now. See you tomorrow.

Kisses and a kick up the arse.



  1. Yayyyyyy! I'm first! (for a change darnit!)

    I don't wannna kick up my arse...too much for some folks...but heck keep it coming MJ!!

  2. My result after the match was nausea when John Terry referred to Lampard as "Lampsey".

    Stick your blue flag up your arse!

  3. Yea Chelsea Are The New Leeds United.

  4. Chelsean and Man U are both fucking shite anyway.

    No interest whatsoever.


  5. I saw the last five minutes and some of the aftermath of that travesty of a game, and was appalled at the 'goings on'.
    Kissing, hugging, groping... Bunch of poofs. They don't do that with cricket.

    I'm going to have to watch the next one, now!

  6. T'was a crap game.

    IDV you would enjoy gaelic.

    Much more physical contact, and if your really good and your team win the All Ireland, you get to touch up Sam Maguire.

  7. AWA: Yay! And happy birthday!

    GEOFF: Lampsey. Wisey. Tewwy. Icky.

    TONY: Heard you fell asleep during the match.

    M and J: Your team got it up the Arse-nal.

    IVF: The groping is the icing on the cake. That and the shirt removal. Or is that shirt lifting?

    SID: Didn’t Sam Maguire “Croke” years ago?

  8. you're even more lazy than that Knudsen cunt hes got links he hasn't clicked on fer years.

  9. You watched at 9.30 am - does this mean that have to do it again in the afternoon?? No wonder they get well paid...MJ darling I have something to show you...something hard...

  10. KNUDSAN: Are you Knudsen's evil twin?

    Knudsen's busy running Knudsenville. He can't get 'round to everything.

    MUTLEY: Doggie's got a bone?

  11. No need to even mention my blog this week. I'm still in the throes of switching servers.

  12. MAIDY: *flips the switch*

    *laffs maniacally*