Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Infomaniac turns the Blogging Roundup over to you, for a change.

What have you been blogging about over the past week?

Sum it up for us in the comments section.

And the first one of you bitches to say I’m being lazy gets their arse whipped.


  1. Not like Vicus to use the *c* word!
    There's a lovely pic of Kylie at my place. I'm campaigning for lower taxes for short arses.

  2. Lazy cunt.

    I'm a short (but beautifully formed) arse, Kaz. Yay! for lower taxes!

  3. No jury duty and 1st Birthday. Done. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. I mentioned foetuses in jars yesterday. No picture though, damn museums!

  5. VICUS: You naughty boy!

    Go to my room!

    *warms up arse-whipping hand*

    KAZ: I’m even shorter than John/Piggy so I want in on those lower taxes.

    By the way, I had to Google “swotty.”

    M and J: We’ve all seen your arse a million times and “beautifully formed” isn’t the phrase that springs to mind.

    SPIKEY: Congrats on getting out of jury duty.

    Did you follow my advice about throwing up on the judge's shoes?

    BILLY: I was hoping for pics of the tapir’s anus and the syphlitic penis too.

  6. I was wonderful all week.


  7. Tee hee "beautifully formed" ala M&J.

    This week I have mostly been in pain.

  8. Nope. Just showed up, smiled and I was excused! Clickity, click.. barbara trick!

  9. TONY: Geoff will love you for saying that but Waring's going to tear a strip off you.

    SID: Ahhhhh... show me where it hurts.

    Does he want mommy to kiss it better?

    Whinging Irish bastard.

    SPIKEY: It must have been your slurred speech and dishevelled appearance that did it.

  10. *cries*

    Okay, so I know my arse is only a quarter the size of SID's, but miniaturisation is a truly wonderous thing.

    Sid's Bird looks at SID's marvel of miniaturisation and wonders all the time.


  11. Well I was at a party last week crying over being dumped by Jake Gyllenhaal and snorting cocaine when I collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Dr. Gregory House diagnosed me with a rare brain infection, I tried to seduce his hot gay assistant, and I stole some Vicodin. Oh and I made fun of Melanie Griffith's knees.

    AND I've mastered the art of typing with my nose. Damn straightjacket!

  12. You've yet to work up to lazy.

  13. That's fucking rich, coming from Connie!

  14. Well, I took the utter ghastliness that is 'public transport'.

    Horrors abound.

  15. M and J: Where SID's concerned, we measure in nanometres.

    PRU: Melanie has more wrinkles on her knees than a Shar-pei dog.

    CONNIE: What M and J said.

    IVF: Welcome to my world.

    Why just yesterday, a guy pulled out a huge bag of weed on the bus. But didn't offer to share!

    And the guy in the seat in front of me was wanking off.

  16. FROBI: I was blinded by that image of Paris Hilton with the big black cock in her hand and missed your conversion.

  17. *bends over and hands MJ custom made paddle*

    Fucking lazy freeloadin' Canuck cunt!!!!!!!!

    *waits for the spanking to begin*

    *hands Geo camcorder*

  18. Talked about the red monkey butt, talked with some women about their views on how all men are pigs..ahhhk, and of course some cancer survivors on why I have blue toes at the moment. This blog has been the most fun to read.

  19. You do know about my appearance so that is all it took! ;)

  20. MAIDY: Too late. Vicus beat you to first place. Vicus is the lucky recipient of an arse-whipping, not you.

    Line up and take a number. And stay bent over for when the mood strikes me.

    MYTOES: Gold is the new black. Consider a metallic for your next coat of paint. Gold, silver or bronze.

    Liked your bright Mother’s Day toes.

    SPIKEY: I see by your latest pic that you “clean up good.”

  21. *grabs back paddle*

    Negative, redbird. One shot per pervert.

    *throws paddle to Geo*

    As for what I have been blogging about this week, I've been bitching about my suck balls web host. That, and being hormonally psychotic.

  22. MAIDY: Suck my balls you psychotic bitch.

  23. This week I have been mostly pissing, moaning and carrying on about Yappy the Fucking Dog, my stupid college professor, stupid names and West Fucking Ham.
    Tony and Geoff - I'll see you both outside in 10 minutes you pair of twats and DON'T bring yer mates.

  24. EDDIE: Good old fashioned hooliganism here on Infomaniac.

    *sits back and waits for the football fisticuffs*

  25. I was just going to give them a strongly worded telling off.

    fisticuffs always seems like a really filthy word to me.

  26. EDDIE: I'd be happy to watch the three of you engage in Turkish oil wrestling as an alternative to fisticuffs.

  27. I posted about the latest Errol Flynn rape case, great stuff.

    No wait something about tits and a boat and it wasn't about the Royal Navy.

  28. KNUDSEN: I, for one, was pleased to see you take a stand for women's rights.

  29. My associate rejoiced at Glorious Serbian Victory in Eurovision Kingon-Transvestite Singings competitions.

  30. BOCK: Missed you while you were busy changing URLs. Good to have you bock.

  31. Don't like metallics...too flashy!