Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Awaiting!

Our little Awa turns 29 years old today.

Remember this childhood pic of her?…

(even funnier if you click to enlarge it)

That funny-faced little gal grew up into this lovely creature…

And now, through the miracle of modern technology we can forecast what Awa will look like in the distant future…

Go over to Awaiting’s blog and give her some love, won’t you?


  1. remembered!!

    *slips MJ a twenty*

    I am soooo not going to look like that! I exfoliate and will put a face lift on layaway in a heart beat!!

    Cheers to cosmetic surgeries!!!

    Thanks, MJ!!

  2. HAHA! Yep. I'm feeling the love from here. It must have been the teeth.

  3. I keep trying on the love front - but I am rebuffed!!

  4. AWA: Oooo, it's an American twenty!
    *pockets it*

    Speaking of exfoliation, John could do with a scrub.

    SHELLEY: That's a million dollar smile.

    MUTLEY: It's the doggie breath.