Thursday, February 22, 2007

Technical Difficulties with Tazzy & Piggy’s Blog, SID’s blog & Steve’s Blog

UPDATE: Yay! The boys are back!

There are technical difficulties with the server for Tazzy and Piggy’s blog, SID’s blog and Stevey’s blog.

Please stand by. They’re working on the problem.


  1. Typical for the Irish!

    Evicted again by the British absentee landlords.

    *gathers earthangels and teaches them to play the tin whistle outside the warm cosy workhouse*

  2. i'd bet money it had something to do with steve. that southernwannabe is always breaking something.

  3. IDV: The silence was bliss until SID stepped in.

    SID: *drops penny in SID’s tin cup*

    *pays earthangels to stop playing offkey*

    Pink: Could be. No word from Dorset all day.

  4. All those penises sent the server into shock. Or maybe all that shite Piggy keeps posting.

    I bet he tried to upload yet another picture of him and Tazzy and it just gave out.

  5. Tickers: Not everything is your fault.

    Awa: It was the pic of a 5-headed IDV that did it.

    Thankfully, the server shut down before he posted that pic of me in the morning.

  6. Darn! They're back up. Guess I should go comment. You're probably beating me in points again!

  7. Yay!

    We're alive!

    And thank you Cocksucker for updating people!