Friday, February 23, 2007

Filthy Friday

Yay! It’s the weekend!

Anyone for Naked Twister?


  1. Carly's getting around a bit, isn't she?

    That was her in her younger years, obviously.

    And what a lovely portrayal of Maidy in a couple of month's time too!

    Yay! First!

  2. And yes, before you say it... Yes, I do realise Maidy's legs will open slightly wider than that.

    It's not like she'll have to practise much.

  3. Shit.

    I forgot to run.


  4. There weren't any red spots til she crouched down.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. um, yeah.
    see what happens, mj? see what kind of thing this kind of thing attracts?
    besides t&p, that is.
    that's two things.
    *imagines two things, leaves to change trousers*

  7. dang - how many piercings on her face does she have?

  8. Piggy: You can run but you can’t hide.

    Spikey: Bad naked. Is there such a thing?

    Convict: You’ve spent too much time on my “Fun With Feminine Hygiene Products” posting.

    Anon/Chris: I can’t decide! So your comment stays.

    You have something to discuss with me? Go ahead and say it here. We’re all friends. I’m sure my fellow bloggers would love to hear what you have to say.

    FN: If he’s offering free sex toys, count me in.

    Pink: Some of them are just moles.

  9. I my day weemen had nipples, its just not the same any more.

  10. I bet she plays by herself.

    I am a master of twister myself.

    The secret is in the 15 pints of Guinness drunk beforehand.

  11. Knudsen: I thought you said you had a supply of superfluous nipples. Can't you spare a couple for this poor girl?

    SID: I don't know about Twister but you are indeed TWISTED.

  12. Well, at least she's covering the bits that would make me vomit.

    As far as nekkid twister...I don't want ya'll to have convulsions, so I will keep my mommy body to myself.

  13. Oh dear. I wonder if she knows her photo is on the internet.

  14. Awa: Show us yer tits! Or at least a nipple.

    Laverne: Carly is comfortable in her own skin.

    All women from Dorset are this relaxed about their bodies.

  15. But I will to piggy. As he is my soul mate.

  16. There's nothing we steelworkers like more, during our lunch breaks, than playing a manly game of naked, oiled, twister.

  17. Awa: Your "sole" mate, perhaps.

    Tickers: To the tune of the Village People's "Macho Man"...
    Macho, macho man
    I've got to be
    a macho man

  18. Sole, soul, he still owes me a sock.

  19. By 'eck. You don't get many of those in a biscuit barrel. I have to say... I'd rather fuck her than fight her.

  20. Eddie: Well now we know your type.

  21. I happily admit to not really having a type. My standards are low, the drunker I get, they get even lower. It's not a self esteem issue, everybody needs lovin is all.

  22. Eddie: Love the one you're with, in other words.

    Cheap slut.

  23. There is something strangely erotic about that pic!
    I love the smell of naked twister in the morning.

  24. Is that you, before you added a few pounds? Blue on blue on blue on red...pigtails are cute.

  25. Waaa waaa..
    Please don't ruin Mouse Trap for me too.
    This is more like Sumo Twister..
    one thing is certain,
    she will be going down on another player..
    and I don't mean that in a good way.