Monday, February 05, 2007

The Fat Slags

Sex, swearing and chips

Today on Infomaniac, we resurrect the Fat Slags.

Caution: Contents may contain claymation vomiting.

Infomaniac: wasting 7 minutes and 19 seconds of your life and loving it.


  1. Tazzy: Yay! Tazzy beat Piggy to first place!

    (Bets Piggy forgot to press the reset button)

  2. Gawd I love this highbrow stuff...
    Do you suppose that Philip let Charles watch this show every Saturday morning
    ("and don't bugger Mums bloody Corgis you little sod")
    so that he could relate to all of the other Commoners...
    Is this is what is on Saturday morning telly for the kids in the Motherland?..
    sort of makes Andy Capp look like Jane Eyre..
    I snorted out loud several times before I took my cold shower.

  3. HE: Charles watches Coronation Street to keep up with the Commoners.