Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

This is an abridged version of your usual, lengthy Blogging Roundup as MJ may have been over-served this weekend and is a bit sluggish.

Stevey Bendy Bit

My selection for “Post of the Week” is by England’s finest postie, Stevey who instructs us on “101 Things To Do With Discarded Royal Mail Rubber Bands.”

Accompanying pic may offend those who are not accustomed to staring at Stevey’s bendy bit close-up and personal.

Parental guidance is advised.

Maidy’s eye candy

Knocked-up Lady Maidy is drooling over Swimsuit models.

Horny bitch.

Deck the halls with balls

Tickers hasn’t yet taken down his Christmas decorations.

Apocalypse Not Just Now

IDV (Inexplicable DeVice) thought the Apocalypse was upon us only to find he’d just left the oven on.

Farmer Giles, back with his Cock Blog, began Part One of “The Woman Who Only Wanted Me for My Cock.”

Betty annoyed us with an homage to Richard and Judy. And told us that “for the first eighteen months (of a new love relationship) scientific evidence suggests that lovers' IQs fall by an incredible EIGHTY THREE per cent.

Speaking of falling IQs, SID (Stupid Irish Daddy) has a case of Prosopagnosia (the inability to recognise faces) and THIS is the nightmarish result…

Tom ("And It Stoned Me") 909

Tom909 (Of Humans and Horses) threatened to give up blogging only to return high as a kite a few days later.

Stay with us Tom!

*convinces Tom to visit Frobi* …

(I’m Your Pusherman) Frobi presents "Weed of The Week" - where he reviews the latest weed in Chez Naff.

Frobi…“doing drugs so you don't have to”

And the news from Tazzy and Piggy?

Taz Radio is back on the air!

Radio so good your ears will bleed.

7pm-midnight (GMT) … not 24/7 like I said in the pic. (I’m too lazy to Photoshop it out.)

With your handsome host DJ Taz and occasional annoying interruptions from the wee squeaky Piggy.

And from time to time, a screechy voiceover promo from your fave Canuck cunt, MJ. (The pay is shit and they couldn’t even be bothered to put me up at a proper hotel.)

Note to Convict: Update your blog, you lazy cunt. Now.

And finally… (drum roll)...

Welcome new reader Eddie Waring to Infomaniac’s Circle of Hell!

Fancy a brew?

Ey Up!

Welcome British ex-pat Eddie Waring in Los Angeles.

Or in Eddie’s words…

Put on your best smoking jacket and sink into the affordable comfort of millions of tiny styrofoam balls. Pretend to be interested as I tell true tales of bravery, stupidity and nonsense. If you are easily offended, read on.

Eddie’s interests include Wigan Athletic FC and porn.

Please feel free to abuse him. I do and he keeps coming back for more.

Daft cunt.


  1. Yay first!!

    I been busy ok?!? FFS!

  2. rubber bands? can I get away with looking at work I wonder?

    btw - watched the Big Lebowski last night - v. good!

  3. Well you'd have to be a masochist to support Wigan Athletic.

  4. Convict: In your case, "too busy" is a euphemism for shagging, isn't it?

    Frobi: Don't look at Steve's bendy bit from work! I have a feeling I'm too late.

    And wasn't the Big Lebowski worth it just to see John Turturro lick a bowling ball?

    Kaz: Remember, Geoff supports West Ham.

  5. *shouts 'The Hammers Are SHITE!' at top of voice*

    When i was still living in London, I used to visit a wee pub call 'The Queens' just next the the Hammers football (thats 'soccer' for you fucktard yanks and canucks) ground.

    It was a bit of a shit-hole, but I rather liked the name.

    And the Gwiness.

  6. Piggy: A queen at "The Queens"


    "the the"?

    *laffs even harder*

    And if you'd been paying attention to this blog, you'd know that I always call it "football" not "soccer" you cocktard.

  7. MJ: Well yes but I've also been running the kids around, getting the bike fixed, cooking and making sure that Tatas does as she's told and rests her hand.

  8. Convict: While Tatas is recuperating, Piggy has his hands free.

  9. Don't you start! I have enough from him as it is.

  10. Convict: Really? Piggy told me you can't GET enough.

  11. I'd so easily satisfy his every pleasurable need.

    It wouldn't take much effort.

  12. God knows where the drawing pins have rolled to.

  13. Maidy has some pretty good taste there! I am lusting after that pic and I am straight.

    Steve scares me...I am somewhat afraid to click his link.

    PLease, give me courage.

  14. wickle ol' me, scary. Tee hee. Please fine a slightly less mongy pic than that one....I look like Carly!