Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pee-wee Herman’s Giant Underpants

Look! It’s my giant underpants! Look!

Look! La la la la la la.

Look! A turban!


Look! I'm a NUN!"

Ha ha!

La la la la la. La la. La la.

Giant underpants!!!


  1. I have giant underpants, but they don't house a big 'arse'.

    I will let your imagination wonder.

  2. Are they big because you keep walking around with that monster dildo between your legs awaiting?

  3. It's amazing what you can do with undies these days.

  4. I'll comment on anything that mentions pants:)

  5. Awa: See Convict's comment.

    Convict: You really need to ask?

    Billy: Is there something else we should know? Are you withholding information?

    FT: Since it's a popular Infomaniac topic, we'll keep you busy here. (click on 'knickers' label under video.)

  6. *smile*

    MJ, you just made my day!!!

  7. I never realised how much I missed Pee Wee!
    I wonder if he was wearing these when he got got in the theatre?

  8. convict - her underpants are big b/c they she likes big underpants. she's got a weird fetish.

  9. Convict...they are big because I like to air out my girly bits. Nothing like a little flapping lace to make a chick feel all fresh!


  10. Not the first time he's stuck his head in someone's underpants.

    BTW, I am reliably informed by someone who's known quite a lot of commandos, that most of them don't go commando style.

  11. Pee Wee wouldn't've been so sore if he'd worn better fitting 'crackers, Tickers.

  12. Yay for Big Knix!

    When do you get them back MJ?

  13. If in doubt a man will go for the old standard of putting something on his head, its a classic.

  14. Maidy: Are you up to something?

    That comment was not followed by “bitch!”

    HE: His undergarments were the least of his worries at that point.

    Awa: Ever heard of crotchless panties?

    Kapitano: A friend of a friend, right?

    Tickers: Watch this space. I’ll be the first to let you know if Pee-wee makes a comeback.

    IDV: I’ve never heard underpants called crackers before! That’s what I love about blogging. It broadens my education.

    SID: I get the Big Knix back soon.

    At which point I’ll follow your email instructions, i.e. wear them for a day and then send them to you in the post.

    Knudsen: It’s an endearing male quality, that.

    However, I don’t like it if the man has a huge head and stretches out my knickers.

  15. Which reminds me...SHORTS???

    Brought to you by peodacaj

  16. SID: Patience.

    Good things come to those who wait.

  17. *snickers*

    sorry, just had a mental image of mj hosting her own version of peewee's playhouse.

  18. My blog is falling apart

    And my blog host is, thus far, a bunch of worthles yo-yo's.

    I should have listened to T and P when they told me that my blog host was a bunch of worthless yo-yo's.

  19. Pink: My home looks like the set of Pee-wee's Playhouse so I have a head start.

    Maidy: Poor baby. :(

    As much as we hate to admit it, Tazzy and Piggy are always right.

    Get well soon, Maidy's blog.