Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Didn’t get included in this week’s Roundup? Bribe me. It worked for Mutley.


“eat me…and eat me good”

Awaiting offered up timely Valentine lingerie-buying tips.


Maidy and Dinkers

Philadelphia’s most shaggable “pergnant” bi-bitch, Maidy, has been through a week of blogging hell.

And I’m not referring to our numerous bitch fights.

Due to a corruption in the database, Maidy’s blog went tits up. Sadly, much of her content was lost.

But you can’t keep a good woman down. (Though I've tried.)

Maidy’s blog is already back up and running!

Be sure to update your links to Life, Family, et al


Les Battersby in his snakeskin “pulling jacket”

Kaz gave tips on what not to wear if you’re a woman of a certain age.

Keen readers chipped in to offer advice to the blokes too.

Coronation Street’s Les Battersby, in particular, was held up as a bad fashion role model.


Our Tickers: a looker

After much complaining on my part that he doesn’t update his blog often enough, Tickers has been blogging like a madwoman.


Betty (Betty’s Utility Room) gave us her take on the British makeover show “10 Years Younger,” asked us to assess the impact of lyrics on our lives, and bemoaned having too many scarves.


Geoff (Contains Mild Peril) was inspired to pen The Ballad Of The Boy With A One Track Blog sung to the tune of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.”


Stevey Mong Face

England’s finest postie, Steve, promised us “101 things to do with discarded Royal Mail red rubber bands” but as of the time of this posting, it still hasn’t appeared on his blog.

Instead, we’ll have to make do with his posting on “Super Tonio” the giant, minge-stretching Mexican baby.



IDV (Inexplicable DeVice) was surprised to find that his familiar, Beaky, has resurfaced.


Shirley aka Gobbling Granny

Old Knudsen (Old Bitter Balls) has given up on luring me into his stable of ready and willing weemen.

He’s set his heart upon some floosie named Shirley, also known as Gobbling Granny.

Here’s what Knudsen has to say about her…

"The Gobbling Granny or Shirley as she let it be known to me looked rather tasty as you can see from the picture above, shes 43 and has dentures (I love that in a woman) full control of her bowels and enjoys making men come, she says her own pleasure isn't important . Shirley has certificates in Blowjobs, Rimjobs and was named Miss Dirty Sanchez 1982."


Men With Brooms

WW (Snippets From Spaceship Orion) considers buying a new car as his Ford CUNTour is kacking out.

Car names are giving this Winterpegonian an identity crisis as he ponders whether he’s an Explorer Man (he of the great outdoors and associated with all that name suggests) or a Ram Man.

And wait for it… WW’s been watching CURLING all weekend as hibernating Canucks tend to do.


HE (Homo Escapeons) said “ta ta” to Anna Nicole Smith’s tatas.


First Nations photographed the metric shitpiles of giant carnivorous birds within a one-mile radius of her house.


The lovely Chelly of However blog has added several new contributors (including MJ) to her other blog, “I Miss My Childhood.”


Richie Sambora

Pru (prunella de ville) related all the bad things she’s ever done including swiping Richie Sambora’s sunscreen.


Tazzy and Piggy posted nothing but a load of shite on their blog this week.

So let’s go back to the previous week to this little 8-second gem as Yorkshire’s finest poofs say “hello” in their own fantastic manner…

I never tire of watching that.

Tazzy’s Yorkshire accent is gorgeous (for a moment I forgot he’s a poof) and isn’t that just the cutest wee Piggy you’ve ever seen?


Mutley the Dog has been appointed Head of Tourism for Bridport.

Join him as he reviews the exciting events taking place this month in Bridport.

I’ve already got my tickets for tonight’s “Fuck a Gnome Night at the Kings Head (18+).”

Note to Mutley: Now where’s that live wanking show you promised me?


Frobi’s still on the mend after suffering a bout of the Manflu.

Get well soon, Frobi dear.


Convict offered us up a range of badges to choose from and wear proudly.


SID (Stupid Irish Daddy) continues to find the best vintage music clips that YouTube has to offer.

This week: Reg Kehoe and the fabulous Marimba Queens.

Nice one, SID. But yer still a cunt.

Oh, and about that February 11th posting of yours? I’m gonna get you for that. And get you gooooooood.


  1. Yay first and thanks for the props.

  2. Basically covered everyone but me! Fine.

  3. still comming think and fast.

    .....I was talking about my blog.

  4. Forget my guide to Looking Good for Women of a certain age - just look at that Tickersoid photo and copy EXACTLY.

  5. I watch tatty and Piggy's video everyday. Dink loves it as well. Of course, I have to bleep out the "cunts" part for the benefit of little ears.

    Spikey, you know you have to bribe MJ to be included. Silly Canuck.

    Either of you can accept that last bit.

  6. Convict: Is my badge in the mail?

    Tickers: Where are all these postings coming from? Can I have some of whatever you're on?

    Spikey: See Maidy's suggestion.

    Kaz: I can only dream of looking as gorgeous as Tickers. I look more like the Gobbling Granny.

    Maidy: You may have successfully blocked the C word from Dinkers ears but I'm sure it will be the first word out of Child X's mouth.

  7. No doubt.

    One of Dinks first words besides DaDa and Nana was shit.

    On the bright side, at least it wasn't fuck.

  8. Actually, come to think of it, not sure I want to be included. Bribe? Hmmm, what do you want? Name it.

    Mr. Silly Canuck, (according to you know who)

  9. Maidy: Maybe Uncles Tatty and Piggy can make Baby Einstein videos for the wee arrival's education.

    Spikey: Your Tim Hortons discount card, for starters.

  10. How about my first "roll up the rim" winner is yours? Next?

  11. Spikey: The only winners ever in "roll up the rim" are from Ontario so you're on.

  12. Wow! I have been secretly trying to make it to this list. You said once that we needed to show our tits or discuss bowel movements etc... to get on here. I did neither and discussed boogers instead...

    Not even an honourable mention.

    So this is success. Thank you MJ.

  13. Chelly: Oh go on. Show us yer tits.

  14. My Word!
    What have you got yourself into? The candyass pencil necks at CSIS must have a field day monitoring your site!

    Just wait until Blogging falls under the jurisdiction of the CRTC..
    you are screwed!

  15. HE: No! Not the CRTC!!!

    I haven't met my CanCon quota!

    Does having YOU comment qualify as CanCon?

  16. Thanks for reposting that fookin horrible picture Old Knudsen has been drooling over all week. I can't get it out of my head. I keep laughing in inappropriate situations. It's becoming a problem with my boss.

  17. I came earlier, but was too traumatized by seeing Gobbling Granny on the same page with Piggy and Tazzy. Too much for one to take in!!

    But I am back now...after much use of ammonia, disinfectant spray and clorox.

  18. Eddie: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Don't let Knudsen know I've been to yours. He's a jealous old cunt.

    As for the Gobbling Granny, you should post her pic as your wallpaper on your office PC. Or better yet, on your boss's PC.

    Awa: Dontcha think Gobbling Granny looks enough like me to be my sister?

  19. I am not jealous but maybe the Gobbling Granny has made you jealous, what do ya think? my plan working yet?

  20. Knudsen: Don't flatter yourself.

    I'm just a wee bit envious of her full set of dentures though.