Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, bitches!

Are you ready for Freddie?

Too late. ‘Cause here he comes.

QUEEN: Crazy Little Thing Called Love…


  1. Freddie!

    So hot I almost got my cock out.

  2. XXX Frobi (ps I got a card!!!!)

  3. 'Hot dead guys'? You mean 'Cold dead guys' surely?

    Saying that though, the dirty poof probably got the down elevator, so you might be right.

    Anyway (fave word)... will MJ be shagging you until your eyes water today?

  4. Tickers: Go on. You're amongst friends here.

    Frobi: You got a card?

    From dead Freddie?

    Ooooo, it's just like on Coronation Street where dead Richard Hillman was sending those greeting cards to Gail.

    Piggy: "Anyway (fave word)... will MJ be shagging you until your eyes water today?" ...

    Yes, as a matter of fact, i WILL be shagging myself senseless today.

    And I think I'll take Steve's advice and sit on my hand first so it feels like someone else is doing the wanking.

    Thanks for asking.


  5. *offers mj a hand*

    *won't tell her that it's from the same place the toes come from*

  6. I have taken it upon myself to monitor valentine day postings among my parishioners.
    However, you have said nothing worthy of comment, other than the mundane "happy valentine's day". I can only give you the same response that I gave to Mrs S when she passed on that sentiment to me:

  7. Tickersoid, on the other hand, gives rise to a whole new interesting theme.
    Did he mean that he was tempted to expose himself, or had his member been trapped somewhere, and he almost managed to extricate it?
    I do not really need to know the details, but if it was the latter, I would give it a couple of weeks and then seek medical assistance, no matter how embarrassing that might be.

  8. Convict: Ta. You're a real gent.

    Vicus: At least you didn't tell me to fuck off this time!

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    That's better.

    Now what would you like me to do with the spunk hanky?

  10. Your bog and its readers keep the spirit of romance alive.

    Thankyou and goodnight XXXX

  11. Tickers: Would a spunk hanky be a "spanky"?

    Tie it onto Tazzy and Piggy's bedpost so they don't have to use the curtains anymore.

    Kaz: Hearts and flowers are bog-standard here on Infomaniac.

  12. Fuck it. I typed in 'Mr MJ'. The fucking interweb is messing with me again.

    *wonders if Tickers spunk was like rice pudding, or spud water*

  13. Tobacco flavored kisses to you Ms. MJ! Will you and the mister be playing with your cigar Bill Clinton style tonight?

  14. Piggy: *wonders if Piggy is having Tazzy's nice rice pud for dessert tonight*

    Pru: Not likely. I'm chewin' tobacco today.

  15. happy vd day, mj.

  16. Have a good one tonight MJ! Here's to much least for me that is!!

  17. Bet you never had a belated VD greeting?

    Hope you had a good one!

  18. Pink and Awa: Hope it was good for you, gals.

    SID: You’re late. I’m used to you coming (here) so fast.