Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scrotums Drive Librarians Nuts

The dog’s bollocks

An award-winning children's book “The Higher Power of Lucky” has been banned from some American school libraries for the use of the word “scrotum.”

Yet the offending scrotum belongs to a dog that was bitten in the bollocks by a rattlesnake.

(More on the uproar here.)

As a child, I would have been angry if an adult decided this wasn’t suitable reading material for me.

But this is Infomaniac so we’re not here to discuss censorship; we’re here to discuss naughty bits.

I delighted in finding such colourful words as "scrotum" in books when I was a child. Not unlike today (some things never change) it would have had me rolling on the floor laughing. And wanting to read more.

How about you? What were the words that had you in stitches when you were a kid?



  1. Bike, tree and Accident and Emergency

  2. when I first saw the word triscadecaphobia in a book as a child I laughed and laughed and laughed. But I kept it to myself and didn't tell anyone. It was my dirty little secret hee hee

  3. mj - i thought you said you were from canada? that picture of you looks like one that awaiting's got. i just love how you added that heavy blue eyeshadow to make that dress just pop.

  4. Convict: Always the troublemaker, weren't you?

    Billy: Fish flaps.

    Pamer: Friggatriskaidekaphobia has the same effect on me.

    Pink: There is only one Emily Howard.

  5. For some strange reason the word 'spanner' used to crack me up - never did find out why!

  6. Stevey: I cracked up when I first heard the word too. When I was a kid, an Irish relative asked me to "pass the spanner" as he was doing repairs. I had no idea what he was on about as we call it a "wrench" here in Canuckistan.

    It's time I did a separate posting on the Brit vs Canuck lexicon. Spotted Dick also gets me going. But we'll save that for later.

  7. Once caught in class looking up the word "prostitute"

    Claimed I was looking up "protestant"

    Same thing, but it was troubled times,so I got off with it.

    Your a prod aren't you MJ?

  8. SID: I bet it's not the last time you looked up a prostitute. Ya filthy Oirish hooer.

    Yes, I'm a Proddie and PROD of it. Unlike you dirty Taigs, I don't spend all my time down on my knees.

    Enjoying the Lenten season, are we, ya miserable Fenian cunt?

  9. from testicles to the papist threat; yes, its a typical day here at INFOMANIAC.

    as an evil first grader we used to piss off the nun by sniggering en masse whenever she said the word 'but'.
    *avoids 'cracking up' play on words. whew!*

  10. FN: "Immaculate Conception" and "Virgin Birth" always made me snigger.

  11. Hearing The Mother say (or more usually, scream) 'shit' was what made me (the Host) snigger more than anything else.

    Heh heh! Shit. It's still funny now!

  12. IDV: You had a mum?

    I thought the witches left you on a doorstep.

  13. Spotted Dick also gets me going

    Not particularly fussy are you.

  14. "I don't spend all my time down on my knees."

    Now be honest MJ

  15. Convict: About as fussy as you and your preference for "faggots in gravy."

    SID: Not when I'm flat on my back.

    But unlike you, I don't have "This End Up" tattooed on my arse.

  16. No you have "Up this end" tattooed on yours.

  17. SID: Bend over and take THIS up yer end.

    And while you're down there...

  18. SID: Oh and SID? Wipe that smug look off yer face.

  19. fur cup or fish muffin, I wish I had a dog that could put my balls in its mouth.

  20. Knudsen: It would be a hungry dog that put those old bitter balls in his mouth.