Friday, November 17, 2006

Put A Sock In It!

Montreal Canadiens hockey socks

Witesock, a 41-year old Canadian engineer, collects and wears used sports socks. So far, he’s managed to amass about 800 pair.

His wife, friends and colleagues haven’t a clue about his pastime. It’s his dirty little secret.

Examples from his collection can be found here, a page for those who appreciate authentic game socks, issued and worn by professional football and hockey teams. Other types of socks include baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby and lacrosse.

So if used athletic hosiery is your thing too, be sure to check him out.

Manchester City FC socks


  1. Uh, okay.

    So what if the athelete had foot fungus?

  2. Awaiting: You've just put me off my lunch.

    Charles: How is it possible to hide 800 pair of socks from your spouse?

    SID: You would. Dirty Irish perv. Is that one stuffed down your..? Never mind.

  3. Getting more sports-minded since my visit, I see.

    And referring to Awaiting's comment, do you have a foot fetish, then.

  4. WW: Wait 'til my Don Cherry post. And it's time I posted some more shirtless footballers too.

  5. Why is he wearing Manchester City socks with those Boots?
    (Red and White = Manchester United)

  6. Kaz: Remember Kaz, he's a Canadian. Man City, Man U. We are an easily confused people.