Sunday, November 26, 2006

Infomaniac’s 500th Posting

Yay! This is Infomaniac’s 500th posting!

Sorry, no cake. I’m saving that for this blog’s 1st anniversary party in March.

As it happens, my favourite Irishman and I are sharing simultaneous celebrations. Stupid Irish Daddy (SID) celebrates his 200th posting as I celebrate my 500th. Please note that’s only TWO hundred posts for SID since December 2005 compared to my FIVE hundred posts since March 2006. Do the math. Lazy Irish bastard.

But now let’s get back to ME!

Tell me what type of content you’d like to see for the next 500 postings on Infomaniac. Ideas? Complaints? Suggestions?

Disclaimer: Note that Infomaniac has the right to ignore all suggestions and will probably do what she pleases, as she always does anyway.

Thanks so very much for visiting Infomaniac time and time again. Come visit anytime!


  1. Hi MJ - can't really believe that I'm lucky enough to be the first to congratulate you on the big 500!
    I feel so privileged.
    I love to come over here and be surprised by what's on offer - so please keep the mixture coming.

  2. Some more political content. An analysis of the situation in the former soviet republics. A serialised biography of Harry Truman or Gregory Peck. Household tips, particularly with regard to fungal problems. Links to sites with the words to the hits of Englebert Humperdinck (either of them). The sporting activities of the natives of the Andes. An analysis of ancient Persian poetry.
    Or just the normal bollocks, I don't really mind.

  3. Cheeky bitch!

    Its quality over quantity!

    Congrats on your 500th birthday....and for future posts I want to see discussion on the current assessments and treatment of Phytophthora infestans (US 8 fungal genotype, A2 mating type.)

    I thank you.

  4. Nah, just more tits and ass. You can't go wrong with tits and ass.
    And before you get too clever for your own good - DO NOT go posting a pic of some little birds and a donkey!

  5. congrats MJ keep up the good work

  6. No complaints, MJ. Just keep on doing whatever you want.

    Happy 500th!

  7. Yayyyyyy! Yayyyyyy! Whooooo-hoooo! Yayyyyyy! You do realize that I actually say 'yayyyy' in my normal everyday life dontcha? Kinda weird.

    Congrats, my lovely mysterious MJ! Now post your pic and we can really have fun.


  8. I kind of like the way this blog has no particular theme, at least not one I've spotted anyway. So just keep going as you are mj, that's my vote.

  9. mj - my suggestion is to do whatever you feel like doing. either that or every day post some totally random thought that makes no sense whatsoever.

    and i say yay in every day life too. that and lord help us all. those two phrases cover just about anything.

  10. Oh fuck it, I suppose I'll congrat you.

    So what do we have to look forward to then? More YouTube postings so that you don't have to type anything, you lazy cunt?

    I want you to post something letting us know how you enslaved Mr MJ.

  11. Many happy returns.

    Why not post bloggers' true life confessions (but only if they're intimate and humiliating)?

  12. You've survived 500? In fact, you appear to have thrived.

    Never ask people for feedback. The fact they keep coming back is enough.

    Being perhaps the only of your blogmates who has met you in person, I'm not sure which of those two you look more like.

    Which is it?

    It will be yet one more clue in the mystery of Who is MJ and what the hell does she look like?

    (Aside from being 5-3, curvy and outta this world?)

    Many happy returns (and I will).

  13. Kaz: Yay! First! Yay for beating Piggy! And thank you.

    Vicus: Do you think my oversized academic analytical brain is up to the job?

    SID: ME a cheeky bitch? You’re the cheekiest bitchslut a cheeky bitch knows. Quality over quantity my arse.

    My ancestors arrived here pre-Phytophthora infestans. They voluntarily left your wee Island, desperate for civilisation. And who can blame them?

    Steve: More T&A? That’s my boy.

    Midget Arse: Ta gal.

    Geoff: Thanks for the carte blanche.

    Awaiting: It won’t surprise you that I say “Yay!” in everyday life too. And I already posted that pic of me with the cigar. Isn’t that enough? What do you want? Blood from a stone?

    Tom: There is no particular theme because I can’t concentrate on any one thing for any length of time let alone look at the big picture. That and I’m too lazy. And thank you for your vote of confidence.

    Pink: None of my thoughts make any sense. It’s a wonder anyone returns here.

    Piggy: More YouTube postings? That’s rich coming from someone whose last TWO posts have been YouTube videos. Lazy cunt? Takes one to know one. Lazy cunt.

    Betty: Okay, you get the ball rolling. Your most humiliating moment?

    WW: You know perfectly well that’s me in the top picture. People keep mistaking me for David Walliams.

    Chelly: Thank you my longtime reader for sticking with me. You’ve got staying power!

  14. What cigar!!!???

    What--you throwing a curve BALL!!

    No fair!

  15. Awaiting: All that vodka you’re ingesting has caused short term memory loss. This pic.

  16. NFW!
    Oh Oh Oh....more of your thoughts on socializing the young, defining the roles of men and women and preparing for death.
    Let's face it, the constant changing criteria of relevence determine what successive generations will select from your archives to illuminate the present.
    I must insist that you continue to explain the human condition and the purpose of human life.

    In the immortal words of William Martin Joel...
    Don't go changing, to try and please me
    You never let me down before
    ...I luv you just the way you are

  17. 500 posts is an amazing accomplishment...a rousing "huzzah" from me

  18. Can we have:
    * Less Piggy and Tazzy
    * More sexy gay blokes who are not Piggy and Tazzy
    * Recipies involving bodily fluids
    * Links to blogs of far out lunatic rightwingers.
    * An indication as to whether there is a Mr MJ.
    * Photos of exotic fish
    * Chapters from the romantic novel MJ wrote in her teenage years.
    * A contest to come up with a snazzy new blog design.
    * Less Piggy and Tazzy
    * Politics.

  19. Oh, Yay! and all that. Sorry to have missed the actual day...

  20. HE and Pamer: Thank you fellow Canucks.

    Kapitano: More Piggy and Tazzy coming up tomorrow!

    IDV: Yay for witchy blokes!

  21. Oops, I'm late, quite late actually.

    Congratulations MJ! You're the best.

  22. SID: Try not to get over-excited watching this revolutionary new Japanese potato peeling technique on video.