Monday, November 06, 2006

Knickers Day on Infomaniac

First up…

Guide to Buying Used Panties in Tokyo

Japan Probe presents a handy guide to buying women’s dirty knickers in Tokyo.

link via [grow-a-brain]


Wonderjock: A New Revolution in Men’s Underwear

Aussiebum introduces men’s underwear that lifts and separates.


  1. i don't know what is more disturbing. that the guy actually went looking for used panties or the fact that there is a shop in japan that sells them.

  2. Used panties in Japan ... why doesn't that shock me?

    Lifts and separates for men ... oh that oughta be good!

  3. Pink: Or that I'm blogging about it.

    Maidink: You've seen it ALL. That's why.

  4. As Ive said before, a rolled up sock down the pants suffices. By the time they find out its too late - serves them right for being greedy

  5. That whole panty story is just WRONG on so many levels!

    That magic gitch is great for young guys but when midlife strikes and your paunch starts to superecede your unit does it really matter?

    I mean even Cougars aren't looking at my swimsuit area anymore so who the hell cares?

  6. Frobi: That's false advertising.
    *adjusts push-up bra*

    HE: Let's hear it for midlife male paunch. Paunch is sadly underrated in this country. Why don't they make gonch for paunch?

  7. Ah....Sniff the filth.

    You dirty bitch.

    *checks current Yen v GBP exchange rate*

  8. Hmmmm.. used panties...

    *thinks of another stay-at-home-gig*

  9. USed panties? Who is going to buy those? Perverts? lol

  10. SID: It takes a dirty bitch to know a dirty bitch. Dirty bitch.

    Awaiting: Try it out on eBay first.

    Charles: Pervs? Surely not!

  11. Paunch should patent that right now, MJ.

    The Baby Boomers, all addicted to Viagra, would eat it up.

    But your willy's still your willy still your willy, no matter whatcha do (or don't).

    *Adjusts self within new Aussiebum undies*

  12. WW: Please, not in front of our more sensitive bloggers.
    *averts eyes*