Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Museum of Celebrity Leftovers

Pete Doherty’s panini

Celebrities who drop by the Old Boatstore Café in Kingsand, Cornwall and don’t finish what’s on their plate may find their leftovers on display under glass. The food scraps are on show in the Museum of Celebrity Leftovers, a specially-erected shelf in the café.

So far the list of celebrity crumbs includes Pete Doherty’s panini, David Bailey’s sandwich crust and John Woodvine’s croissant crust amongst others.

Described as “Cornwall’s smallest museum,” co-owner Michael Bennett hopes to add a David Hockney crumb to his collection one day.


  1. Hi, your infomaniac store is a fun idea ! so I mentioned it in my log of today.

  2. Hildegarde: Thanks! And welcome to Infomaniac.

  3. I got to photocopy Iggy Pop's setlist when he played at the Commodore. Of course I kept the original.

    That's my leftover story.

  4. D.Prince: You're on your way to starting the Canadian branch of the Leftovers Museum.