Thursday, October 06, 2016

Your Garden Pics!


Before we get started, note that it is imperative to CLICK TO ENLARGE many of these photos! My blog's margins cannot show the full beauty and scope of these photos without clicking to embigify.

Moving right along...

LX in Texas, U.S.A.:

Wild Onion (Allium canadense) plants along Onion Creek near Austin, Texas. Note ingratiating Canada reference!...

Did I win yet?
(Editor's note: "No.")

JON in London, England:

It has been quite a flower-ful year here at Dolores Delargo Towers, with (thankfully for once) a generally warm Summer.

We began with a rather dull and miserable early Spring, which meant the herbaceous plants took a long time to show themselves.

But once the sun did begin to shine, everything bloomed magnificently! From daffs, snowdrops, violas, anemones, chionodoxa and wallflowers...

...through delphiniums, geraniums, centaurea, polemonium, kniphofia, alliums, lobelia, heliotrope, aquilegias, lilies and foxgloves... the full flush of crocosmia, dahlias, salvias, cobaea, cleome, verbena, nicotiana, coreopsis, phlox, monarda, ipomoea and penstemons, most of which will keep on flowering till winter.

We also went mad on fuchsias this year, and have now amassed a collection of thirty varieties (gulp)...

Oh, yes - and we have discovered that we have a Drag Queen Fox, who left us this buried in the middle of the flower bed in March!

Apart from that - it's been stunning.

MR. DeVICE at Castle DeVice in Norfolk, England:

After much hand-wringing, I managed to whittle down my collection to two photos:

A somewhat blurry panoramic shot of the back garden (except the south aspect as it's just a fence) because I remember lamenting last year that I hadn't any photos of the whole garden...

...and a shot of the pots and border next to the house (ruined by a Cedplop, as usual)...

I've no photos of the front as it's mostly driveway and lawn (yawn), although, when the light's right, one can still see sequins glittering in the gravel from Dame Shirley Bassey's uninvited visit!

MISS SCARLET in Devon, England:

Okay, so perhaps this isn't my garden! This is an RHS garden (Royal Horticultural Society) which is just down the road from me... so it may as well be my garden. Sadly, my garden is now passed its best, which was long ago in 2010, long before I even lived here...

EROSWINGS in Texas, U.S.A.:

This is Sweet Potato Chip, the sweet potato that I found germinating in my cupboard in April of this year. It was one of two sweet potatoes left over from a bag of sweet potatoes that I had bought during the Holidays.

I thought that I had used them all at the end of January, but two had rolled to the back of the cupboard, where they slowly germinated in the dark until I was cleaning out the bottom cupboards in April.

Long story short. I planted them in mulch (just mulch) in plastic buckets. One died, but Chip survived. It is a miracle as I am the Grim Reaper of plants. I am a plant killer. Chip is the first plant that I've ever successfully grown for more than a month! All other plants (including cacti & aloes) had died after three weeks.

What's more amazing, Chip survived three weeks of high winds that threatened to break its stem, recovered from a devastating pest infestation of three caterpillars that ate most of its leaves & killed LL Bean (the pinto bean I tried to grow), & endured a drought that baked the landscape brown, dead, & dry.

Chip is a survivor, & is living proof that even a clueless plant killer like me can grow plants! My farming family would be shocked to learn that I can actually grow plants!

MR. PEENEE in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.:

Sorry to be so laggard, but I've been terribly distracted by the muscular youth over at Chaturbate. As Mitzi, from Clutter from the Gutter, said "It's like Sodom and Gomorah up in there."

The lovely tall pink flower that looks so much like hollyhocks, is, in fact, a California native mallow...

The charming tiny coral flowers are Rain Lilies...

Typical of the shaggy nature of my yard, the buddelia had a big season this spring...

The coleus were just filler for a blank space, but have done so well they seem to have turned into permanent tenants...

PRINCESS in south-east Australia:

"I think I was quite lucky to snap these shots in the 5 minutes of sunshine between downpours of rain but then I discovered that most of the garden was by then in shade anyway. Never mind. At least you can see that the Empress and I have been busy getting the place ready for MJ's photo shoot!"

Back yard rose garden....

Fernery with fishpond...



NORMADESMOND in Minnesota, U.S.A.:

Norma's garden mascot...

And Norma's gardening ensemble...

That's it, Bitches! As we clean up our plots for next year's Garden Event...

...we here at Infomaniac thank you for showing off your beautiful plants and flowers. Same time, same place in 2017!


  1. Yaay 1st!

    Delightful as always Mistress. It's lovely to see all the green thumbs you have as minions...

  2. Oh! I'm so sorry I missed the deadline! (I had a bit of a problem with my wifi and then there was a mad flurry at The Man's) work.But I certainly could not have done better than this gaggle of gardeners. Well done!

  3. I love the corgi's!!!! I want a topiary corgi.... and I do have some Box I could do that to.
    Fab post!

  4. Well done, every one! Jon's pix are especially nice.

    Thank you Mistress for hosting again.

  5. I have to vote for my homeland gurl Princess. Aussie Royalty representing.

    ***places chaste kisses on Mistress feet as is proper***

  6. We here at Infomaniac remind you that The Annual Infomaniac Garden Event is not a contest.
    -- The Management

  7. I love it! Especially Prinny's fernery - what I wouldn't give to keep a Staghorn Fern alive for longer than a couple of years before being left with something reminiscent of a pot of bran flakes... Jx

  8. What fantastic fotos!

    LX's wild onions by Onion Creek look robust. I'd've been tempted to dig 'em up & cook 'em.

    Jon, your garden is absolutely gorgeous & so colorful! You've got poster, postcard, & calendar quality fotos here.

    IDV's garden looks spectacular & rich with variety! Luv the border foto with the cat-- very charming & enchanting.

    Scarlet, the Royal Horticulture Society garden looks vibrant & fantastic! What beautiful flowers & intriguing looking trees!

    Mr Peenee, your garden is fabulously whimsical & interesting with all those colors, shapes, & forms. Impressive!

    Princess, your garden is so lush, regal, & serene. It looks very welcoming & peaceful--a meditative space!

    Norma, your garden attire looks frivolous. And your dog is definitely best in show!

    Thank you all for sharing your stunning gardens & fascinating finds with us! What amazing, talented, & creative artists y'all are! I'm pleasantly surprised & dazzled! Well done, everyone!

  9. Merde, now I am really envious !

    I happily join the applause - from Texas to Australia (and every stop in between !) - and am very sorry for not having contributed to this fine selection of greenery all over the planet, GOd how I'd have liked to add my stingy green pickles ...

    1. A room full of pricks. My favourite! Jx

    2. Variatio delectat. Cunts for the cockle collector too.

    3. "Counts", sorry.

  10. What a lovely amassing of gardens and talents!!!! Jon's lovely stems had me in awe!!!! I would have submitted, but forgot to trim my bush.

  11. Wonderful! There's something inspiring in every garden - Yes, even LX's onions and rock! I am particularly impressed (and envious) with just how much Jon has managed to stuff into his back passage...

    1. There's always room for more... Jx

    2. I have seen a movie about Jon's back passage. Actually it was called I believe Passage to India.

    3. However, I've never been referred to as The Big Easy, unlike some... Jx

    4. " Just relax darlin. This is the Big Easy. Folks have o way of doing things down here."

  12. when will blogger make these posts scratch & sniff?

  13. How lovely.
    I look forward to this every year
    Thanks for posting

    1. My pleasure, Madam Arcati.

      And for those of you who don't already know, Madam Arcati (Tony) is the delightful partner in gardening, love and life of our Jon.