Sunday, October 09, 2016


It's Thanksgiving in Canada and The Mistress is enjoying her favourite kind of guests...

Imaginary guests.


  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Mistress!

    PS: I have a Traditional Cranberry recipe around here somewhere if you're interested.

  2. A good thing about imaginary guests is that they never touch their drinks, leaving the host to finish them off!
    Have a happy, harangue-free Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh, you're right. I've just noticed an untouched martini!

  3. Well at least you won't be fighting over the meaty drum stick. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Mistress!

    **Places grateful kisses on Mistress feet as is proper**

  5. I've known all along we are all just figments of your imagination darling..
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving...
    How does it differ from your southern neighbours' Thanksgiving?... does it include poutine instead of sweetcorn? all about anyway

  6. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!! I am fed up with my imaginary guests so I will send them over. Harold is always tap dancing in clogs, whilst Charmaine is forever skipping around with a picnic basket. You are welcome to them for the week.

  7. it is not imaginary guests, it's invisible guests and that's perfect hein Mistress ! If you don't like "la visite" as me....

    And to answering Princess, in Canada we don't pardon a turkey......we eat all of them, including Paris Hilton hihihi (hoping my english is not to bad hire).

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the great food & be thankful for all the things that make you happy & those who make you laugh, smile, & enjoy life! Cheers!

  9. "Harvey" is a Karnickel that goes well with a red-wine-sauce.
    BTW I am giving thanks for your existence. Once the demiurg did something right.

  10. BITCHES: Canadian Thanksgiving differs slightly from American Thanksgiving in that it’s a more low-key affair.

    Yes, Canadian families get together but they don’t feel the same pressure to fly across the country to be with their relatives as our U.S. cousins do.

    Nor are there parades and marching bands and all the hoo-hah/rah-rah that goes with an American Thanksgiving.

    Canadian Thanksgiving’s official proclamation is "A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed – to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October.”

    That said, The Mistress gives thanks for you, Infomaniac Bitches.