Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sweetening the Prize Pot

What is Miss Scarlet doing in this photo, you ask?

She is sweetening the already fabulous prize pot for you Bitches, THAT’S what.

As you already know, the lucky winner of the Kitchen Queen Contest will receive the DINNER OF A LIFETIME at Ms. Nations’ home in scenic Sumas, Washington.

NOW, in addition to THAT fabulous prize, Miss Scarlet offers you a little something extra!

Miss Scarlet will personally create a handmade “Kitchen Queen” card, written in her exquisite calligraphy.

Click here to see examples of Miss Scarlet’s calligraphy.

If you've looked in Infomaniac's sidebar, you've seen Miss Scarlet's "I'm an Infomaniac Bitch" card...

Thanks to both Ms. Nations and Miss Scarlet for their outstanding contributions to the Kitchen Queen Contest.

And remember...

Deadline for the Kitchen Queen Contest is October 31st.


  1. Oh I don't recall if I have asked, did I win yet?

  2. I am preparing to flash my nibs for those who flourish... better I do this than try to cook.

    1. As I understand it, Miss Scarlet's nibs are a real treat!

  3. Pot??? Miss Scarlet is smoking pot???

  4. Oh... If only I was up to entering someone... er.. I mean... Something....

  5. the only reason i entered was for the
    $25,000 a year for life grand prize.

    am i at the wrong blog?

  6. That kinda money wouldn't keep you In clean undergarments. Don't ask how kabuki knows this.

  7. New post up in which Mr. Lax has been presented with an award.