Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gardening Pics Reminder

Thanks to everyone who completed their HORTICULTURAL HOMEWORK and submitted photos of your plants and flowers and gardens.

Mistress MJ has received barrels full of photos!

You bitches worked hard to come through with those gardening photos!

The deadline for photo submission is TODAY so there’s still time to participate.

You can find details here.

Mistress MJ has guests this weekend hence the lack of blogging updates, comments, visits to your blogs or replying to your email messages.

All will return to “normal” soon.


  1. "All will return to ;normal' soon"

    Abby Normal?

  2. love the naked wheelbarrows

  3. Obviously not one of the countries that the Peace Corps has visited yet. Yes, it might be fun to farm with naked Puerto Rican boys instead of plows and wheelbarrows, but the only thing it produces is regret. And calluses.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's bushes.

  5. Looking forward to seeing everyone's bushes.

  6. I am just off to tend my bed.

  7. I submitted!

    You can't moan at me now.

  8. That second Picture... Are they doing trust exercises at naked boot camp?

    It's just that it remind's me of the time I went to scout camp and we did trust exercises (Not naked).

    I didn't want to participate as I knew my peers to be an untrustworthy pack of little sods... but, the leaders insisted.
    Sure enough, Princess ended up square on his arse with legs in the air....

    I knew I couldn't trust those nasty little Baden-Powellians to start with.

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