Wednesday, April 06, 2011

World Penis Size Map

We don’t know where these people got their statistics (Mistress MJ was not consulted to be on the research team) but we thought that the size queens amongst you might find this study of interest.

(click to enlarge...ha!)

In the chart below, countries where Infomaniac’s regular readers reside have been highlighted:

Rank Country Inches
1 Dem. Rep. Congo 7.1
2 Ecuador 6.9
3 Colombia 6.7
4 Ghana 6.7
5 Venezuela 6.7
6 Lebanon 6.6
7 Bolivia 6.5
8 Cameroon 6.5
9 Hungary 6.5
10 Belgium 6.4
15 France 6.3
21 Brazil 6.2
22 Egypt 6.2
23 Italy 6.2
24 Mexico 6.2
25 Netherlands 6.2
36 Denmark 6.0
37 South Africa 6.0
41 Nigeria 6.0
42 Morocco 5.9
47 Gaza Strip 5.9
53 Greece 5.8
54 Sweden 5.8
56 Argentina 5.8
61 Serbia 5.8
64 Germany 5.7
66 Belarus 5.7
67 Iceland 5.7
68 Iran 5.7
69 Iraq 5.7
70 Israel 5.6
74 Poland 5.6
75 Switzerland 5.6
76 Canada 5.5
77 Spain 5.5
78 Turkey 5.5
79 United Kingdom 5.5
82 New Zealand 5.5
90 Afghanistan 5.3
92 Australia 5.2
93 Russia 5.2
94 USA 5.1
95 Ireland 5.0
96 Mongolia 5.0
100 Indonesia 4.6
107 China 4.3
108 Japan 4.3
110 Philippines 4.2
111 Taiwan 4.2
112 India 4.2
113 Cambodia 4.0
114 Thailand 4.0
115 South Korea 3.8

If we are to accept these findings and apply them to our own regular Infomaniac Bitches, that means that CyberPete (from Denmark) has the biggest willie of all of you. Mago (in Germany) is a runner-up.

You’d better hope that Jôka P. (an occasional Infomaniac reader from Brazil) doesn’t show up to claim his spot above the rest of you.


  1. why, the target map is from TARGET.

    and no, i do not live in bolivia.

  2. Texas should be listed separately, if you catch my drift.

  3. *hums Rule Franconia*

  4. I'm Danish, German and HUNGarian...

  5. Wasn't Texas once a Franconian colony? Or is it French heritage ... ?

  6. Desiging Wally's comment made me spit out my vodka, and that's never good. But, still funny.

    **High Fives Mago**

    and nice to see that XL has been allowed back to the keyboard.

  7. @ Herr Mago: Texas background in order is France, Spain, Mexico, Texas, US, Confederate States of America, US again.

    So, FRANCE puts us ahead of DENMARK!

  8. MAybe there's a little Southern corea involved, xl?

  9. So... I guess the grey areas are devoid of penis...

  10. XL is correct. I'm in the same drift; our state is about the size of Ecuador and our donkeys are even bigger.

  11. HAH! We rule Sweden! Bwahahahahaa!

    Why is everyone fixating on size, surely you should just be happy you aren't from Korea. Bless'em

  12. At least South Korea has peen. If this chart is correct, North Korea has none at all. Hmm, suddenly I have an idea for a new export industry...

  13. *gets out her list*

    *puts Danes and Germans on list*

    *puts list away, applies fresh lippy*

    Hello boys.

  14. More importantly ... is this a Shower Not A Grower chart?

  15. And to think I moved from New Zealand to Australia for the cock

  16. * Makes a note of all the dark green countries for future reference*

    It's seems highly probable of the asian countries. I've met a David and a Nelson both in Singapore, my little finger was bigger and thicker and they both "went off" after only two pushes.

    Germans do seem to be gifted in the trouser department and rough with it too. Which is not a criticism!

    There is always trepidation when having "nocturnal naughties" with a french man because they is a high chance of the dreaded Willydelphia! If you suspect your man might have a slight aroma then have a fondle first then discretely smell your fingers afterwards.

  17. Is Mistress MJ the only one who prefers girth over length?

    Not that size matters…but if one has to choose.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that none of our Irish readers have commented today. Teehee.

  18. Looks like I'm packin' my bongos for the Congo!

  19. I disagree with these findings! Having submitted my tool to Mistress, I call on all others to do the same!

  20. Are those extra tenths of an inch foreskin?

    I take it all the gray countries are dominated by lesbians!

  21. And does this mean the gentleman in the post below is not really from Mexico?

  22. I know a Bolivian bloke.

    He's always got a smile on his face.

  23. It only makes me wonder why the US isn't using the metric system.
    Why, I'm a clean 20.3!

    With the target map, I'll have to buy an enlarger pump (or get someone to "click my mouse"...) just to go to the bathroom.

    I always thought that's what a bottle of Trentadue was for...

    Course, after a bottle of MD 20/20 (when you see only one 20, you've had enough) most any size will do.

  24. Looks about right to me. :(