Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Peenee and Piggy

April 5th: WHAT a DAY!

For on this day, our dear Mr. Peenee and the late, great Piggy were born.

Peenee (far left)

Join us in celebrating Mr. Peenee’s special day with a nice slice of cake…


Apologies. The pastry chef can’t spell.

Peenee is visiting Jason in New Orleans this week. Have fun boys!

And let's raise a glass to the spirit of Piggy…

Mistress MJ will never forget you. Ever.

CAKE, everyone...CAKE!!!


  1. Oh happy Birthday Mrneenee...
    do have fun on your adventure...

    And I'll raise a glass to the memory of the Wee Little Cunt too...

    "To Piggy (Cunt) and Peenee"... Hip Hip Hooray

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Peenee!

    Hope you're having an awesome one!

    And here's to Piggy!


    *drains champagne flute, looks around for the bottle*

  3. Happy Birthday Peenee!

    Don't be a drag! Just be a Queen!



    Best wishes for a fantastic birthday being easy, er, I meant in the Big Easy! Best wishes for many more years of good food, good fun, and good company!

    and Happy Birthday Piggy!

    Cheers to you!


    We'll toast and drink in your honor!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr Peenee!
    And later today I'll have an extra hob-nob in memory of Piggy.

  5. Birthday cheers to Mr. Peenee! He's one of a handful of talented bloggers that never fail to deliver a laugh!

  6. I raise my glass to Nee Nee....

    I raise my ass to Piggy (RIP cunt :))

  7. Happy Birthday, Mr. Peenee!

    Now I'll go to Norma (the supermarket, not the star) and buy cake and a chockolade bunny to bite its ears off in memory of Piggy.

  8. Chocolate covered Hob Nobs were a fave of Piggy's, as I recall.

    As for Peenee, I can't be sure what he likes to dunk in his tea but I'm certain that rimming sugar is involved.

  9. I had the bunny. I feel a bit sick now. I must lie down.

  10. Whereever you are, let us raise a glass in honor of these fine young men.

  11. mr.peenee, you were never
    younger or lovelier; you choose.

  12. happy happy sugarpies! xoxoxox

  13. Happy birthday darlings!

    Oh, and MJ just a piece of advice from us to you. Don't fall in love with a homo

  14. Happy Birthday! Thanks, but think I'll pass on the cake.

  15. What a lovely birthday post.... until you mentioned Cake.

  16. happy birthday Peenee. and a toast to Piggy and all our dear departed beautiful men

  17. Nee Nee? Isn't that the awful woman on Housewives who's now TV whoring on The Apprentice? I had no idea today was her birthday. Oh, PEE NEE, never mind. Happy Birthday, sorry you have to share it with that skank.

  18. I raise a cup to Piggy.
    Oh, and to Peenee too. I'm always raising a cup to Peenee.