Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Choose Your Fave Shoes!

It’s time to vote for YOUR favourite pair of shoes here at the Fave Shoes Photo Competition.

Many of these photos can be clicked to enlarge.

Be sure to read the stories that go with the shoes, underneath each photo.

What do I look for in a shoe? Endurance.
This hard-working pair from Frederick's of Hollywood is a must have for the lady with an active lifestyle. Here they are in full action and the heel did not break. Not even in the sweltering heat of a New Orleans summer. Pussy Pink sells out fast so I was lucky to get my hands on these.

My rubber cowboys boots are perfect for the rain soaked Pacific Northwest. I bought these in Blue Ridge, GA during Blog Fest 2010 and did not have room in carry on to haul these home, but I’m glad I did.

(click to read)

I saw these boots and a matching corset at an auction a few years back, put in an absentee bid but it wasn't enough and they got passed in. Went back the following week and they had been moved to the "sale" section so I bought them for $5.00 less than my original bid. I can't walk around in them for long and if I wear the corset I can't sit down at all so they're destined never to be seen together.

For a brief and fleeting moment, norma got a bit edgy back in the 1980s. Disco and it's prettiness made the way for the darker, sinister new wave/punk trend. of course, that all became as pretty as disco. The name of the store is lost in a sea that was once called memory, but it was at the corner of Newbury and Gloucester Streets in Boston. These cockroach killers can get into any corner or all the way up someone's ass, if need be.

Crikey... now I feel like I'm a contortionist!
Anyhow, these are my favourite boots. They are not designer and possibly not that special, but they have been worn for several pantomimes. They are very good pantomime boots. I wore them when I starred as Humpty Dumpty and I also wore them when I was a pirate hag called Freda. They are 6 years old and have many happy memories attached to them... I even wore them to Cafe C at New Year. They are black suede kitten heeled... and I can run very fast in them. I am not good in very high heels as I tend to fall over.

Nice colourful footwear. Made more than thirty years ago by my mother, using remains of a jeans I wore in school once. And of course inked them. Actually these are socks. The soles were made from strong ropes, knotted or tied in a kind of frame. On this the jeans textile stuff was put. Into this was put in a knitted sock patted with wooly stuff. These kind of socks were used by children, sometimes grown ups too, in wooden shoes. Or, if the sole was made from straw and thus stronger, larger and higher, they were worn outside the house. The small sole from rope is good for inside the house. A bit like espadrillas, Franconian edition. I should get rid of them, but still can't.

I really don't wear any shoes, I am a wee bit infamous for it... (much like Isadora Duncan)
When I am not barefoot I wear leather slaps (what yankees call flip-flops, even though flip-flops are just a cheap rubber American variety of tongs (slaps.))
Wolverine work-boots, stinky gardening sneakers, or Cs
I sent along a picture of my dress boots, I keep them in the parlor, up high, on display...
I only ever wear them for weddings and funerals...
But seeing as how I cannot be wedded in the country of my birth & blood; I do not attend weddings....
I seldom need to attend funerals as I generally know when a person is going to die soon; I prefer to spend time with those when they still have breath...
So, there my dress shoes sit, up high, on a gilded shelf, in the red room, hoping never to be donned, ever again.

These are the my faves atm. A pair called, "Runway". Luckily, I have yet to fall arse over tit in them. But there is still time. $50.00. Can you believe it?!

After tightening the purse straps, these were the last pair of expensive shoes I've purchased...last year actually. March or May 2010. San Antonio, for the Mrs Texas pageant...no, I wasn't in it. First Neimans I'd seen since moving out to the desert. I went hog-wild. Snapped these up in less than 5 minutes and now I wear them everywhere, with everything.

These are my LL Bean Boots. Comfortable. Waterproof. Warm. Ugly.Most often worn in the happy coincidence of attending rainy football games in the Fall.

I saw these shoes and fell in love, I think they are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen: Prada Obi mule, circa 2001. I came home and told my husband about them, but they were too expensive. 3 days later he comes home with a present and inside were the shoes! I say thank you thank you, but I don't really live the lifestyle to justify wearing these shoes! He says, wear them just for me. So there you go, beautiful shoes that have never gone public, but they have gone to a party! :D

These are a recent purchase because I need something airy for the summer. They are strappy wedges and they were on sale. They don't have the same memories as the pink pumps I wore for the Freakin Green Elf Shorts competition but they are quite comfortable and I rarely do comfy. Could run a marathon in these (if I was able to run a marathon that is). I wish I could afford Louboutin and Blahnik but until then..

I've been looking for a pair like these for over 2 years, when I saw them it was love at first sight.Funnily enough, when I wear them to work, I don't get any shit from the guys. They are suddenly very obedient. I wonder why? hmmm....

I bought these 60's silver glitter pumps with a Lucite heel way back in 1983. And I can still fit into them. I like to wear them with my sarong for special occasions like pool parties, personal appearances, backyard barbecues, operas, orgies, weddings and graduations.

That’s it, Bitches!

You vote and we’ll tally up the results in a new post later this week.

NOTE: The voting deadline is THURSDAY, APRIL 21 at 9 am EDT.

(If you’re in the UK, that’s 2:00 pm on Thursday.)

The rest of you can use the World Clock to figure out your deadline.


  1. There all so good. Tough decision...


  2. I agree with MDP, tough choice.

    Must go back and read the rules again. Can I vote for myself? Hahaha.

    Miss Roses will probably not speak to me for a while but unless I cannot vote for myself, my vote goes to Kelly Red. Her Pradas and wearing them for herself. My kinda girl.

  3. A reminder that you CANNOT vote for yourself.

  4. Very difficult to decide between Nursemyra, Miss Scarlet, and Roses.

    I vote for Miss Scarlet's kinky boots ... largely on the basis of that looks like the most fun photo shoot!

  5. But in a pillow-fluffing competition, you win hands down.

  6. Great collection! God, there are gorgeous things, even nice shoes now and then.

    I vote for Norma Desmond's black killer shoes.

  7. It took me years to decide which color M&M I liked...

    I'll have to get really high and then make a decision & get back with you...

  8. Wild and Wonderful collection..
    however as a sensible fella living in an extreme 4 season climate with a 100 degree variance I like a bit of practicality.

    So I have to go with Boxer's fancy schmancy Rubber Cowboy Boots.

    Not only do they make a playful fashion statement but you could wear them on any number of occasions, some of which may or may not involve frantically wriggling livestock, but also hiding material evidence in the mucky swamps late at night, or simply enjoying the sheer pleasure of puddle jumping.

  9. I'm voting for Kelly Red, those are just to die for. Shoes like that, I'd throw a party just to wear them!

    And no, I'm not talking to Cyberpete. Humpf.

  10. Awww Roses! Your boots are HOT! Um, and you didn't vote for my shoes. Hrumpf!

    Wally: the BLUE M&Ms are the BEST! 'nuff said!

  11. Jill's dainty red/orange strappy no. does things to me.

    But then on a totally different level, so do Roses sexeh lace up boots!

    Only one choice? Ummmmmm... Ok, Roses. :o)

  12. Certainly a difficult choice. I will need to contemplate this for a moment.

    Why is there no photo of your favorite shoes MJ? Go ahead, I'm listening.

  13. Boxer's wellies remind me of the flock wallpaper you sometimes see in Indian restaurants.

    Mago, I'm lost for words.

    Scarlet's boots were made for walking and kicking shins.

    XL's pair look like cornish pasties that have been in the oven for too long.

    I'm strangely drawn to UTE's peep toes. These type of shoes send out the "Don't mess with me" signals, forcing the other prostitutes standing at the lamp post to back off.

    My vote goes to Ayem8y. I love the retro Margo Ledbetter esque look and those shoes are ideal for showing him who's boss.

  14. Tough choice but if I must choose I vote for Jill.

  15. My vote goes to AYEM8Y and those silver pumps. I would soooooo wear those to all the events listed. Although sadly I've never been invited to an orgy, one can always hope.

  16. kelly red has the best F.... me shoes there...hands down...gets my vote...

  17. So many fantastic shoe choices!

    Some really are Va Va Va Voom!

    But if I'm going to have to pick one, it's going to be Scarlet's smooth, shapely pair that gets my vote.

  18. i simply cannot choose now. this is all too much. there are way too many groovy things going on.

    make sure and make the voting deadline clear darling.

  19. Sorry Cyberpete, gorgeous Prada mules come before friendship.

    But we could always have a make-up bitch with Champagne and Godiva chocolates....

    *waves flute of Dom under Cyberpete's nose*

  20. Oh hai Roses!

    I still can't believe nobody voted for my wedges! Still, Kelly Red outdid me for sure. Gorgeous shoes on that girl! Hot!

    Did you mention Dom and bitching? I am there!!

  21. BITCHES: The voting deadline is THURSDAY, APRIL 21 at 9 am EDT.

    (If you’re in the UK, that’s 2:00 pm on Thursday.)

    The rest of you can use the World Clock to figure out your deadline.

  22. I looked at this collection last night and thought I'd make up my mind this morning, but it's really tough!
    Mr Pirate's are lovely and retro and remind me of the Queen...
    Miss Norma is doing a jolly good pose..
    Mitzi, a whole closet full of shoes...
    And are you wearing Croc hybrids, Mr XL...? I shall draw a veil over these and remind myself of your pillow fluffing qualities and your large candy.
    Love Miss Red's! Who couldn't?
    BUT... I am weirdly drawn to Mr Mags!! What's all that about???
    So I vote for Mr Mags.

  23. ...Hayward has a rather nice pair of legs...
    Can he be The Legs of Infomaniac?

  24. Miss Scarlet, once again you are getting ahead of yourself.

    We will, in fact, be having a best legs or "Gorgeous Gams" contest here on Infomaniac in future.

    But could we please concentrate for now on footwear?

  25. I vote NORMADESMOND for reasons of my own personal nostalgia.

  26. I throw my vote to Mitzi for being so gallant and brave about he club foot.

    Props to Jill for the sweet pedi.

  27. My goodness, I am in love with a LOT of feet right now. Such a tough decision.

    But I'll have to go with AYEM8Y, because I can't help but love shoes that I'm sure Joey Heatherton once wore.

  28. I'm totally voting for Hayward - both for his shoes and for his ability to accessorize with a terry stretch turban while (apparently) pulling a fan out of his ass.

    A close second would be AYEM8Y's glitter and lucite pumps. They're just the things I'd want to see propped up on my shoulders, sans sarong.

  29. A veritable smorgasbord of fabulously fitting footwear fanatics... May I take the liberty of commending each of you in your efforts... (unlike this slack Bitch ...But I hope you will forgive me under the circumstances)

    I consider each of the entrants a winner in their own right. Not only for meeting the deadline dealt by Mistress MJ (who's "shoe shot" I note... is cunningly in absentia)...but also.. for daring to put their best foot forward...

    A thought to ponder...

    Could the good Mistress secretly but coquettishly be... cavorting in her camera-shy Crocks as we speak?...


    "Me thinks the Woman... She doth protest too much"

    (One shudders at the very thought)

    Princess can spot a person that knows their shoe at forty or so paces and given his title of

    "Official Infomaniac Foot Massager"

    My Vote goes to the comfortable, colourful, practical, handmade and well worn with much love and sentimentality... the Shoes of Mr Mago...

  30. Even though I'm terribly jealous of Kelly Red's extremely beautiful Prada's...Wally's story, well placed use of an ellipses and gilded shelved parlor displayed boot as accessory set my heart ablaze.

    Vote to Wally...

  31. ayeM8y will win the gorgeous gams contest, hands down! Which might make for a great pose!

  32. After careful consideration and although I would love to squeeze my foot in Jill’s strappy coral numbers and Kelly’s Prada’s and Norma’s roach killers, I’m strangely drawn to and must vote for Mitzi’s clubbed-foot for the club-set by Vivienne Westwood.

  33. can I also vote for best pedicure?


    My official vote has to go to Mago - the back story sealed it for me.

    and may I say, NICE collection of boots/shoes my fellow Female Infomaniacs! Impressive.

  34. darn! I had some cool shoes to enter.

    Im going with Xl's llbeans. I have the same ones. truly functional -but not ugly like he says! they look cool and outdoorsy. c'mon!

  35. btw we call XL's shoes "duck shoes" here.

  36. QUACK!

    I love dressing up like a duck hunter for the rainy football games!

  37. My congrats to all who participated; being the lazy lame-o that I am I never got around to snapping a pic...so jolly good work everyone!

    I was enthralled by Normadesmond's pointy-toed beauties as I have an outfit that would rock the shit out of those fuckers...until, alas, I scrolled to Jill's strappy symphony of coral-colored goodness! Perfection!

    But then I scrolled further and discovered the couture-like obi-ness of Kelly Red's heels. I gasped, clutched at my pearls and fainted dead-away. She's got my first prize vote!

  38. I have to go for Kelly Red for two reasons. The sweet little story behind her getting them and the fact that they are completely impractical but lovely. Anyways I want to borrow them for next Halloween; hope they're size 11C.

  39. After considerable beer, weed & a bout of heavy spring gardening, I have come to a decision...

    But first a few disclaimers:

    My first reaction would be to vote for Pirate's sparkley lucite wonder pumps...
    For a couple of years around 1980 I would let "Kitten Kabootle" take over my body a few evenings a week, and I had bought her two pair of the same shoes: one pair silver (as shown), and one pair ruby at a thrift store called "The Treasure Loft" (a store name that I'm sure isn't lost on the pirate)...
    Personal Bias...
    (plus they used to leave a trail of sparkles wherever we went).

    Norma's shoes are great!
    Again around 1980, I would have killed to have these... The originals were readily available at the thrift stores in pristine condition... The problem was that the men in the '20's & '30's had very small feet... It would just piss me off! And then, a certain type of "women" started wearing these men's shoes in the early punk days of Akron, Cleveland, Kent....
    Which pissed me off even more...
    Emotional Involvement...

    Kelly Red's Prada....
    I just wanted to say that your husband is very wise in saying to wear them "just for him"....
    'Cause let me tell ya....
    They are fabulous, but Prada is made for only one thing....
    Keep them in the vault, Kelly, because they'll jump on someone else's foot without a second thought...
    I'm old, I know things...

    As I inferred... This collection of footgear is like M&M's... Which to eat?
    But now is the time to choose, and I would just like to say that, "I am very proud to be an infomaniac bitch"...

    I cast my vote for JILL, "I wear them everywhere, with everything"...

    The chief reason is those coral spaghettis are wearing that girl equally as much as that girl is wearing those coral spaghettis....

    Pssst. I had finally made up my mind while planting dahlias this morning, and I was quite surprised to learn that Jill had voted for me & my boots & my story..
    She must be terribly romantic..

  40. I warned you, Kelly....
    everybody wants to borrow them...

  41. I'm very romantic Wally! You touched my soul...

  42. this is horribly difficult.

    hayward's heels are quite bad ass
    wally's shrine to himself is fascinating
    pirate's lucites must've been stolen from mitzi gaynor

    the boots of :
    scarlett &
    myra are oh so worthy

    jill & kelly...carrie bradshaw must be stalking you both

    mago: lay down on the couch and tell me everything

    and this hurts me to decide, but i think i have to go with mitzi. just a few weeks ago, i was asking everyone why we never see club-footed people anymore.

  43. Why Norma,
    You're the last to arrive...

  44. Meanwhile back at the ranch....

    Does The Mistress find that she has found a new, favourite, dreamy pair of kicks???

    Some people might want to know....
    (you know how some people can be...)
    Please forward your answer to the shrine I have built for myself....

    I may even put shoes on for your answer...


  45. BITCHES: To those of you going on and on about seeing a photo of Mistress MJ’s shoes, may I remind you that this contest is all about YOU… NOT about Mistress MJ.

    However, as a concession to you this time so that you can see that I am not wearing Crocs, you may click here to see Mistress MJ crushing the crotch of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts.

  46. I bet those shoes look good with a Tango dancing dress... or a thigh splitting black pencil skirt.

  47. Ahhhh....
    Thank you mistress...
    Now I can continue with my life...

  48. UPDATE: Voting is now closed on this competition. Stand by for a new post.

  49. Jill's shoes are gorgeous!