Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Announcing Mr. Nude Infomaniac 2010!

UPDATE: Mr. Nude Infomaniac 2010 steps down! Read the comments and come back on Thursday for more!

Mistress MJ is pleased to announce the winner of the Mr. Nude Infomaniac 2010 Pageant.

Congratulations, EROSWINGS!

The final tally:

Eros: 7 votes
Ayem8y: 6 votes and an ass-munching
Michael Guy: 5 votes and a marriage proposal

At his point we ask Damien Oz of Australia, Mr. Nude Infomaniac 2009, to place the crown on Eros’ head and the sceptre in his hand.

We ask Eros to make a speech after he dries his eyes and composes himself.

We ask Ayem8y to take his role as runner-up seriously in the event that Eros cannot fulfil his duties.

We ask Michael Guy to continue submitting photos of himself au naturel, doing odd jobs about the house.

Let’s hear it for all our brave, beautiful contestants!

And thanks to everyone who dropped by the polling station.

Eroswings is more than just a pretty set of pecs…he’s an Infomaniac hero.

Eroswings led the crusade to save Infomaniac.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Eros is actively and tirelessly campaining in a Blogger help forum to have my missing comments restored! It's Mistress MJ who should be serving him!

Long live Eroswings!

Long live Mr. Nude Infomaniac!

And long live Infomaniac Bitches!


  1. Congratulations, to Eros! They're all winners.

    (Tomorrow I hope to see pictures from the cat fight behind the scenes.)

  2. ooh-eerr seems I started to follow your blog at a very opportune time.

    a very hearty round of applause to our handsome contestants!! Now excuse me, I think I might need a lie down - Eros' stomach splashing has made me all giddy...

  3. Congratulations Eros!

    *Said with gritted teeth*

    Just what exactly is that splashed on your tummy?

    I cry foul as I suspect what is splashed on your tummy came from the homo Judge.


    As Mr Nude Infomaniac 2009 I hereby pass my Crown and Coc.... I mean... Scepter (u knew I was gonna do it ) to Mr Nude Infomaniac 2010 - long may he rein :)

    MAZEL TOV!!!

    And the villagers rejoiced !!!

  5. Congratulations, Mr Swings!!!!

  6. Congratulations to Eros! Well done.

    Well deserved.

    *pops the cork from a bottle of Moet*

    I'm here to console the runners up if need be...

    just sayin.

  7. *Surprised gasp and looks around in disbelief...bows to receive crown and scepter...then wipes away tears, walks down the runway and nods and waves to the crowd*

    Thank you! Thank you! I am truly honored to be chosen as the new Mr Nude Infomaniac! I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who voted for me! Thank you for your support--and thank you athletic supporter, for keeping everything together!

    And thank you judges, for licking up all that ice cream that spilled down my body! It was a very thoughtful way to be green, using no paper towels and saving a tree.

    I'm truly touched--just not in the same way the judges touched me during the swimsuit competition. I am moved to be in the presence of such great company.

    Damien set high standards that we should all aspire to in the quest for World Peace and representing the fantastic, fabulous, and phenomenal Infomaniac community.

    My first official act as Mr Nude Infomaniac 2010 is to ask for your support in restoring MJ's and Leni's missing comments to all our blogs. It was the power of this great community, united and working together that got us Infomaniac back online. And I believe that our collective efforts can help restore the missing comments. Please, join our efforts to post at Blogger Forum to help return the missing comments and keep MJ's and Leni's new comments from being erased by blogger bots. Together, we can do great things! Together, we can move mountains!

    My second official act as Mr Nude Infomaniac 2010 is to retire my crown and step down in favor of Mr Ayem8y. Truly, anyone who mows the lawn nekkid (with sharp objects and projectiles flying around the fragile, tender regions) deserves to win. I believe he embodies the Infomaniac spirit of adventure, humor, zest for life, and loyalty to friends. Not to mention he's been nude on the blog a lot.

    So thank you everyone, for your support and your efforts. I am humbled and truly moved by your actions. And Congratulations, Ayem8y! You've just become the New Mr Nude Infomaniac 2010!

  8. *gasps in horror at Eros' shock resignation*

    *runs away crying*

  9. well hot damn, sugar! *reaching for the bottle of moet before roses drops it and taking a MASSIVE swig*

  10. CARAMBA! The reluctant star ...

  11. Mr Swings, I have written over 200 posts on my blog. The Mistress probably commented on over half of them. I was thinking of asking an idividual question iro each post that she's been erased from... what do you reckon?
    I do have raging PMT at the moment, btw.

    Congratulations, Mr Pirate!!!

  12. Eros, are in fact, a god among nude and semi nude men. For as excited as I am for the Butt Munching to begin, contest rules stipulate that you only can resign the Crown IF you appear at the opening of Parliment and declare it Annus horribilis -or- your proctologist reports to us that you have been diagnosed with "Anus horribilis".

    Being Mr. Nude Infomaniac ain't for sissies.

  13. Ah Hem..

    Sorry to interupt but as MR Eroswings humble yet highly paid proctologist I wish to announce on his behalf that he is unable to continue to perform in his duties as Mr Nude Infomaniac 2010...

    Due to his constant sitting infront of his computer firing off questions of enquiry into missing comments he has succumbed to a severe case of "Anus Horribiis"

  14. I was going to say congratulations Eros, but it looks as if I'm too late
    Congratulations MR Pirate

  15. I'd like to thank you all for your support and helping me win the Mr Nude Infomaniac title. It has been the best thing to happen to me this month! Y'all made me feel giddy with joy and laughter. I got such a boost of energy from this win that I went for a 2 mile run at 4:50 am in my boxer briefs just to burn off the extra energy. I'd put up pics, but I still don't have a new digital camera.

    This contest provided me with a great opportunity to present my pageant platform of restoring MJ and Leni's missing comments to our blogs and of course, World Peace.

    We've a long way to go to achieve both goals. I shall have to step down from my duties as Mr Nude Infomaniac in order to concentrate my efforts at reaching those goals. I am counting on Ayem8y to keep up the morale of our troops, with his grace, his skills, and his nude foto updates to Infomaniac. I'm also counting on Michael Guy to use his talents and ass-ets to ensure the Infomaniac community continues to thrive.

    I shall be focusing a lot more of my energy and time for the campaign to restore all of MJ's and Leni's missing comments and keep blogger from automatically erasing their new comments. And I need your help, your support to make this happen.

    It was our collective, united efforts that got Infomaniac back online. And it will take our collective, community efforts to return MJ's and Leni's missing comments and keep the new ones from being erased.

    Please join in our fight. Every action we make counts.

    And don't worry, my proctologist and herpetologist have given me a clean bill of health, and they've assured me that I may continue my work in servicing the community and doing charity work.

  16. If Mr Nude Dirty Pirate wants any help with his (uphill) gardening, I'm always available.

  17. Magnanimous!

    Thank you Eros I am truly touched by your gesture. I think we are all winners for having the guts to actually appear nude in this forum. Why just one “Mr. Nude Infomaniac”? The Infomaniac Mansion is a vast estate and I propose that we all three should rule in a sort of nude Trilogy of Terror.

    I nominate Eros as the official “Mr. Nude Infomaniac Ambassador” and Michael Guy as “Mr. Nude Infomaniac Decorator” and me of course as “Mr. Nude Infomaniac Lawn Mower”.

    All in favor say AYE…

  18. Congrats to Eros!

    re abdication: wtf?

  19. Congratulations to all three of you!

  20. Aye! Aye! to Ayem8y's proposal!

    I may need to borrow the scepter to start bashing in heads if negotiations/discussions with the Blogger Team don't improve soon!

  21. bravo to all the contestants! bravo to our beloved mj!

  22. BITCHES: It’s getting so I can’t turn my back for an instant on you bitches!

    It’s true that Eros is too busy leading the crusade on this Blogger help forum to take on the role of Mr. Nude Infomaniac. He is gallantly attempting (with the help of some of you bitches) to have my missing comments restored. Presently, I am unable to leave a comment (using my regular Blogger log-in/avatar) on my blog OR your blogs without it disappearing the next day.

    Congratulations, Ayem8y!

    A new post will go up on Thursday in celebration.

    Due to general madness and scheduling difficulties, Mistress MJ is unable to pop ‘round to visit most of you today…and this situation is likely to continue throughout the summer.

    Oh, where are my manners? Let’s welcome our new bitch!

    LADY PANTS: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    Or should I say “G’day” as you’re an Aussie?

  23. Congrats to all of the "M of I" They all did a great job.

  24. *dries eyes and snatches back bottle of Moet from Savannah*


    Well done hotties.

  25. I was going to say 'Congrats Eros', but I'll say 'Congrats Mr. Nude Dirty Pirate!

    Anyway, Eros you will always be my hero *blows kiss and sighs*

  26. So you can eye up the gurly boys, Soren.

    Grab this scepter firm and wear the crown with pride

    Mr. Nude Infomaniac 2010


  27. Congrats to to Mean Dirty Pirate or to whoever is wearing the crown at this very moment!

    I'm such a dolt; I failed to enjoy the lawn mowing pic McBiggie style. Mowing nekkid and a boner: let's see the Miss Universe folks top that!?!

  28. Thank you for your most cordial welcome MJ/Queen Bitch! G'day to one and all... oh and please keep the peenie coming, us convicts love the wang too.