Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meanwhile, in the Infomaniac Waiting Room

Mistress MJ is taking a brief time-out.


Apologies for the delay while we try to get our life in order (it's extremely busy around here) and to recuperate from the massive headache that is losing our Gmail account and our blog.

Thankfully, both the Gmail account AND the blog have been restored but the “comment conundrum” remains.

Leni Qinan, who also temporarily lost her blog, has been experiencing the same problem.

Both Leni and I leave comments on your blogs but later our comments disappear.

Not only that… my comments on ALL your old posts (for eternity) have been wiped out.

It’s as if I never existed.

Many of you wrote wonderful, heartfelt posts either concerned over the lost of Infomaniac or rejoicing upon its return.

I left comments on your posts and in most cases my comments disappeared after the fact. You must have been waiting to hear from me, never seen a comment from me and thought, “what an ungrateful bitch.”

Mistress MJ is in a mood and needs time away from blogging. But just for a few days.

You will find her hunched over a houseboy or a cocktail or a houseboy and a cocktail.

Or perhaps just curled up on Beast’s fireside rug waiting for the madness to end.

Please help yourself to a magazine at the reception desk.

Our waiting staff will be with you shortly should you wish to order a beverage.

Note: I most certainly will post that Thank You post to all of you soon but I need a wee break. No, not a pee break. A wee break. I am deeply thankful to ALL of you.


  1. FIRST!

    I owe emails to several of you. I’ll catch up with you soon and thanks so much for waiting.

  2. First!

    Stop using that vanishing cream.

  3. Yay F...


    Mistress MJ calls Firsties! on her own blog, and the universe begins to consume itself.

  4. I'll give that one to Ayem8y, Kapi.

  5. Not all of your new comments have disappeared. Still at least one over at Mitzi's place.

    Personally I think the new "design" button that blogger installed is responsible for this.

  6. MJ has earned a little va-kay from the trials and tribulations of having been held captive by the evil Google-empire. I asked Old K to release a pack of raging lemurs into HQ and I'm still waiting for confirmation.

    In the meantime? You rest and just leave the door open so I can get into to refill the vodka fountain and dust a little bit.

  7. your NEW comments are disappearing, too? wtf? i haven't checked the comment box, as all comments come to my email acct. YIKES! (which means i have everything y'all have ever said still!)

  8. Enjoy rehab, doll. Let's hope this one takes.

    So nice to have you back.

  9. I'll just thumb through these back issues of National Geographic until The Mistress returns.

  10. SUE GOOGLE. Those comments were PRICELESS....I mean, VALUABLE !

  11. I know, lets blame this all on Margaret Trudeau!

  12. SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK DARLING! How very strange this all is....I just want you to know that when I can be here, I shall BE HERE, swilling booze, being rude and nasty and telling tales and of course, smacking inept houseboys on their ample and tight bottoms.

    You are my peeps and I love Infomania, my respite from madness......and for God's sake, will someone PLEASE TELL BOXER TO REINSTALL THE VODKA FOUNTAIN? Diva is parched.

  13. Something else of note that’s been happening for a few days…

    Even if my Gmail is already open, I can’t leave a comment on Blogger blogs (including my own) without filling in the Username and Password boxes. If you already have Gmail OPEN, then you shouldn’t have to go through that process.

    Anyway, I shall continue to comment here anonymously, without my real avatar-thingy-ID until this clears up as I don’t want comments I leave here to disappear.


    Did somebody mention Maggie Trudeau and her trained beaver?

    Why are there pages ripped out of my National Geographics?

    Why is everyone yelling?

  14. It's very comfortable sitting at your boudoir and reading the gossip magazines while we cry about our comments.

    I'm very glad that you're back, and know very well how you must be feeling about the comments. I've lost all of them too, since 2007, all over the place and it's outrageous that we have to comment anonymously in our own blogs.

    "As if I never existed"

    But you did existed, you exist and will exist, in spite of bloody Blogger.

    I'll be moving to Wordpress very soon and will add a HUGE warning message saying:


    Just in case some puritan Blogging Blogger would not understand it.

    I'll keep you posted about it.

    Have a nice wee break and come back soon.

    Big hug.

  15. I only read Geographic for the articles!

  16. Oh this is just grand, this is…


    *hugs Leni and weeps*

    Did you say GREAT DICKS?

  17. Testing TODAY to see if this comment will be here TOMORROW

  18. *smoochies*! and bye', I'm gonna play a mean trick on those birds, ha!

  19. Strangely enough it says "18 comments" on the foot of yer post, but "20 comments" inside the box. Just the other way round - over the last days it was always more on the outside and really less inside the box. Google should straight out this sooner or later.
    Got to hurry now before the birds of hell start their job, sorry.

  20. with a bottle of Champagne on ice and new issues of Black Book, Elle and Vogue I'll be a happy camper.

    Have fun in rehab!

  21. Our Blogs are just dust in the wind...

  22. " comments on ALL your old posts (for eternity) have been wiped out.
    It's as if I never exisited"

    oooo I think I smell a movie premise somewhere in here.

    Or maybe someone just farted...either way, it could make a million.

  23. Jason, that couldn't be a fart you smell as Beast hasn't dropped by yet.

    Old Knudsen appears to have turned to dust! (see his avatar)

    *waves to everyone else and plugs the vodka fountain back in*

  24. Enjoy your break. We'll keep asking Blogger Forum to restore your comments (and Leni's).

  25. Mistress, I'm also having to sign in every time I make a comment.

    Google seem to have a technical hitch.

    Sit down here, I'll give you another head rub.

    Jeez woman, haven't you heard? You're not supposed to have your shoulders level with your ears!

    Here... *hands over a large shot of Grey Goose*

  26. Update: Visit Eros.

    Hi Roses!

  27. Bitches: As mentioned, I'll try to post my thanks to you on Friday.

    Mistress MJ has to take the summer off from blogging but before that happens we still have a few posts to go.

    As Al Green sang, Let's Stay Together.

  28. Stop whining, you daft tart, none of us missed you, and I, for one, found the absence of the usual barrage of filth quite uplifting.

  29. Even if my Gmail is already open, I can’t leave a comment on Blogger blogs (including my own) without filling in the Username and Password boxes. If you already have Gmail OPEN, then you shouldn’t have to go through that process.

    Yep, this is also happening to me... and like Mr Pirate I think it might be down to all the design fiddling that's been going on.
    Mr Swings has instigated a campaign to get your comments back. I hope they do come back otherwise it'll look like I've had some very weird conversations with myself on Mr Beastie's blog!

  30. I don't seem to find a copy of "Boy's Life" in the reception area...

  31. love ya.mean it. you go play with your cups, and don't worry about us. kabuki will keep the fire burning. who plays with cups, anyway? the whole world - not hardly.