Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In 1975, the Vietnam War ended; Spanish dictator Franco died; the British Conservative Party chose it's first women leader, Margaret Thatcher; Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier in the "Thriller In Manila" match; Sony introduced Betamax videotapes and Matsushita / JVC introduced VHS; Angelina Jolie and Russell Brand were both born on June 4th; ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ by The Captain and Tennille was the number one hit on the Billboard charts; and men looked like this


  1. XL: Boo-yah!

    LEAH: It was the 100% double knit textured snug-fit polyester pimp pants that brought you back, wasn’t it?

  2. Uh, is 20 Jan 75 the Mistresses birth date perhaps?

    [worries about appropriate present]

  3. Hmmmmm.... 1975... I was in grade 11 - none of the guys I knew looked like that.

    But I very definitely remember The Captain and Tennille....

  4. XL: Mistress MJ was born in 1875, actually, and it wasn’t January 20th.

    Send pressies anyway.

    No, it’s just that we found this fab fashion image from 1975 and had to post it immediately.

    By the way, if you too would enjoy being publicly humiliated on your birthday as we did with Kapitano on Saturday, tell me your birthday.

    PONITA: What did the guys you know look like?

    *searches foto folders for pic of DONN in big red clown bow tie*

  5. I had better stick with the standard Infomaniac abuse and humiliation package. I am too fragile for the delux package.

  6. I can't remember 1975. Guess I learned billiards and started smoking.

  7. 1875 the year the Molly Maguires disbanded and a splinter faction became the Jerry Maguires.

  8. XL: You’ll be fluffing my pillows overtime, then.

    MAGO: We’ve all seen how you play billiards.

    KNUDSEN: I’ve signed you up for a subscription to Oprah’s “O” Magazine instead so you can learn about weemen and their periods and learn how to examine your va-jay-jay.

    By the way, you’re looking a little bloated.

  9. They all had shag haircuts.... and loud print shirts with big pointy collars.

    Or just t-shirts and jeans.... I lived in the boonies of Winterpeg back then.... as I do now.

    Who says you can't go home?

  10. Disco Ken doll and his friends! Gold medallions sold separately.

    So that's what stylish manorexics wore back in the day!

  11. Is the one on the left IVD???

  12. PONITA: What about platform shoes?

    Those would have been perfect for navigating snow banks.

    *returns to looking through foto folders for pic of DONN in powder blue grad suit*

    EROS: I prefer Earring Magic Ken, who, instead of a gold medallion, has a cock ring around his neck.

    BEAST: What are you doing up so early?

    No. IVD wears orange. And too much of it.

  13. I'm so happy I wasn't born then. Those yellow trousers are giving me the heebie-jeebies.

  14. Being an active 13 year old in 1975, I was too busy wanking to notice anything else going on in the world.

  15. You forgot the most important event in 1975: The Host was born.

    Although I can assure you, I didn't come out looking like that. Snazzy hat or no snazzy hat!

  16. This blog makes yer bum look big.

  17. omg i just had a horrible flash back...going back to bed on that one...
    btw elvis was alive and kicking

  18. Brits were all dressed in tartan, had mullet hairdos and sung Shang-a-Lang... and their trousers were too short.

  19. Is that where Thatcher got her fashion tips?

  20. actually, as i remember it...the trousers were a great deal tighter on men in the 70's...and they used to add packing...

  21. But those trousers on the left are orange , so is the hat

  22. 1975? three sons and living in san francisco, i think. xoxo

    (i tried to wake up earlier to be first, butobviously that didn't happen.)

  23. '75 I was an insatiable sex machine. My french flares were fastened with velcro for quick action. Hell Yeah!!

  24. CYBERPOOF: ABBA were also popular at that time and I can picture you wearing their clothes...Frida and Agnetha's, that is. Not Benny and Björn's.

    PIGGY: Too busy wanking?

    So nothing's changed.

    IVD: As an early birthday pressie, allow me to direct you to the cover art for Rod McKuen's 1977 disco classic Amor, Amor Slide... Easy In.

    Reminds me of your industrial-sized vat of Boy Butter.

  25. KNUDSEN: This blog makes yer bum look big.

    Your Depends nappy makes your bum look big.

    DAISY: btw elvis was alive and kicking

    I don’t know how to tell you this but Elvis is alive.

    SCARLET: Did they all look like the Bay City Rollers?

    KAZ: Thatcher wore M&S underwear, so I’m told.

  26. DAISY: Beast stuffs socks down his trousers so some things never go out of style, I suppose.

    BEAST: The trousers are most definitely yellow but the hat is peach…you should be familiar with peach as it is one of the fruits that you ceremoniously insert up your backside as part of the Fruit Bowl Collection.

    However are you able to walk down a runway without all that fruit tumbling out of your bottom?

    SAVANNAH: You’re 25th today which is an improvement over Sunday’s 34th but you’ve lost steam since yesterday’s 19th.

    Could we try a little harder for the next post?

    TICKERS: '75 I was an insatiable sex machine. My french flares were fastened with velcro for quick action. Hell Yeah!!

    A hugging kissing fiend?

  27. Obviously!

    Their outfits were way too brown for me

  28. They are orange you bat eyed bint!

  29. "Mistress MJ was born in 1875, actually, and it..."


    What do I win?

  30. CYBERPETE: You are a dancing queen.

    BEAST: They’re yellow. See next comment.

    BITCHES: Are the trousers on the left orange or YELLOW?

    Note: Yellow is the correct answer.

    PIGGY: Your prize?

    You can launder my smalls…a privilege usually only given to Beast.

    BOXER: He’s forgotten his boutonnière.

    Did he buy you a corsage?

  31. They are a soft buttercup yellow... they'd look nicer in paisley...

  32. Hey, Obama's parade car just passed the Canadian Embassy. Lots of Mounties on the front steps. Or, they may have been Mistress MJ's House Boys on special assignment!

  33. SCARLET: Excuse me while I go tell Beast.

    BEAST: Did you hear that?

    Miss Scarlet says they’re YELLOW!

    XL: Those were real Mounties.

    The Houseboys are keeping my cocktail topped up as I watch the inaugural proceedings.

    We were expecting the Obamas to pop into the Canadian Embassy for poutine but they were still full from the luncheon.

    Okay, it’s back to the Situation Room.

  34. i was a tiny bit busy, sugar! ;) xoxo

  35. The pants are yellow, as is the band on the hat, but the hat itself is natural straw coloured.

    At least these men are not fat old guys....

  36. SAVANNAH: Admit it…you came here just now hoping for a new post so you could be first.

    PONITA: Excuse me while I speak with Beast once again.

    BEAST: Ponita says YELLOW!

  37. Then you all boss eyed baggages as they are orange

  38. fucking smooth...... although yer man in the blue is trying too hard......

  39. BEAST: You can't handle the truth!

    MANUEL: A classic case of Short Man Syndrome.

  40. mj...the elvis comment made me laugh so hard i snorted a little...i never do that! reason is...i was having dinner the other night in this kind of posh italian place and my dinner mate said "don't look now but elvis is in the building" to which my head turned liked top to see a man dressed like he was from 1975 with the sideburns and elvis sunglasses (even though it was nighttime)...i immediately started laughing and just couldn't stop which is probably why they said "don't look" eh, what's a little italian food without a good laugh?

  41. omg Tickersoid i think i dated you!

  42. Aahhh what a year that was for me too I was 16 that summer and losing my virginity to the older woman down the block had to be the highlight. She rocked me in her arms like...

    I think Tennille is lip syncing on that video

  43. DAISY: I saw Elvis at Denny's this morning. He ordered the Grand Slam Breakfast.

    As for Tickers, who hasn't dated him?

    RICH: Your granny was a good woman.

  44. I was supposed to have escaped High School that year but had to return to make up for the 200 days that I was absent from class...which I manged to correct and here I am relatively unscathed and a surprisingly productive member of society.

    I do not remember much of '75 but what I can piece together is awesome!

  45. DONN: That was some lost weekend!

  46. LORD-DRAGONS-BREATH: We are saving Jason King for a special on porn taches.