Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dining Debacles

Are you a courteous, well-behaved restaurant customer?

Or are you more likely to resemble this pair?

Have you ever done a runner?

Do you bring your own food into the restaurant?

Do you “forget” to tip?

Do you insist on answering your mobile and having a loud conversation at the table?

The list goes on.

Fess up.


  1. Not Me Miss MJ , I am always perfectly behaved

    'Gawd Bless you Beast your a gent and no mistake' is often heard from restauranters and other rapsacallions.

  2. Have you ever done a runner?

    Of course! who hasn't? the adreline buzz is amazing.

    As for tipping, if the service/food is poor I don't tip.

  3. I've never done a runner or anything to my food in a restaurant.

    I did once discover some shredded cellophane wrap (obviously from the pre-packed lettuce) in my salad, though.

    When I pointed it out, I was given my meal (including the drinks) free, plus a certificate for a complimentary meal next time I visited. Which I thought was great customer service.

    But I have to confess that I am one of those that are very quick to complain if the food is shite. I always politely inform the waiter or waitress (it's not their fault, after all) and ask them to send it back.

    Why some people are too embarrassed to do so puzzles me.

    And in recognition of the watier or waitress serving me, I always cross out the 'tips' section on the credit card receipts and give the cash to the waiter/waitress instead.

    It really annoys me that 'service' is always included in the bill (which is never passed on the the waiter/waitress). Similarly, 'tips' included on the bill are never passed on to the waiter/waitress in many restaurants.

    So I choose to give it to them myself.

  4. That first line made sense at all. What the fuck was I thinking?

    You know what I meant.

  5. Never done a runner. Will complain when food is shit. Worst one was when everyone else got their meal and the waitress had forgotten to order mine. Everyone had finished by the time I even got mine.

    I hate the fact that service/tip is included on the bill. If I think the staff deserve it I will tip them. Otherwise it's just a tax.

    WV: mjyhaz

  6. Bad behaviour - YES.

    Usually - as we start the second bottle of wine, inhibitions go out the window and a ROW follows.

    One usually storms out leaving the other to pay the bill in front of an appreciative audience.

  7. I dined and dashed last year at Waffle House. I waited a year for my bill, went to pay it and they didn't accept credit cards. Told the cashier that I would be back. HAH! I wasn't walking back into that mad house. I'm sure Kharma kicked my ass for that one.

  8. BEAST: You are also to be commended for removing the Buckie stains from your shirt before you sit down to dine.

    FROBI: I see by your recent “Detox” posting that the adrenaline buzz has worn off.

    PIGGY: “That first line made sense at all.”

    Neither did that one.

    CONNIE: “Worst one was when everyone else got their meal and the waitress had forgotten to order mine.”

    Perhaps it was because you slapped her arse as she was taking your order.

    KAZ: I hope there wasn’t a cutlery incident.

    WAITRESS: That would never happen at the International House of Pancakes.

  9. Never done a runner.......although i resent tipping ('Orrible American habit) Wots wrong with talking on the phone? Ive paid for my "Space" i can do what i want in it?That soup looks quite tasty!

  10. TONY: You cheap bastard!

    Waiters/waitresses (over here anyway) make minimum wage and depend on their tips to make ends meet.

    If you can afford to eat out, you can afford to tip.

    Don't be surprised if your next server spills the cockroach soup on you.

  11. I always behave myself and tip well. I waitressed my way through college and I know what happens to asshole customers.

  12. That's not even original. Clearly they got that idea from Victor Vicotira (and Julie Andrews did it with so much more savoir faire).

    I've never done a runner. That's just wrong.

  13. PRU: What happens to asshole customers?

    Do they get a spanking?

    CB: Here in Canada, Bob and Doug (The McKenzie Brothers) placed a mouse in a beer bottle in an attempt to get free beer.

    Okay, so it wasn't done with savoir faire but hey, we're Canucks.

  14. when you've worked in the industry for many years you expect they'd get it right the first time. As I always got a tip from my customers (cause I was good) for the service I gave. I'm the first to complain if something is wrong (I won't bore you)Can't take me anywhere.

  15. I don't bribe waiters to do their jobs that they get paid for. Not too many waiters in KFC.

  16. I've learned from my friend, Dee, a former waitress, now with a catering business, that tips are earned! Now, I don't tip if I get lousy (or no) service at all. Those Starbucks tip jars, what's that all about?

  17. TATAS: You didn’t mention which industry you worked in. Although I can imagine the “good service” you gave.

    Is that where you met Connie?

    I bet you gave him a discount.

    KNUDSEN: Good thing KFC doesn’t have waitresses because you’d be asking for extra helpings of thighs and breasts.

    BINGOWINGS: I’ll give Starbucks a tip for their tip jar.

    Lower your prices!

  18. i have never run out on a bill but do complain if the service or the food is bad and ask the manager to bring the person to the table with him so i can tell them to their face what was wrong...i hate talking behind people's back...
    i usually always tip, i think there have only been two times in my life that i havent and both were horrendous experiences...i didn't even take the free dinners offered for another visit as i wouldn't go back to the establishment...when i am done, i'm done!

  19. come the revolution revenge shall be mine, the waiters will rise, (if the money is right and we don't have to get up early and we can drink during the revolution)