Friday, October 06, 2006

The Top 10 Stupidest Places in the UK

Hull MP John "Two Jags" Prescott

1. Hull
2. Stoke
3. Liverpool
4. Bradford
5. Glasgow
6. Wolverhampton
7. Newcastle
8. Nottingham
9. Leicester
10. Birmingham

More results from the Men's Health magazine study…

Poorest city: Hull
Cheapest city to live in: Hull
Cleverest city: Edinburgh
Rudest city: Manchester
Best-dressed city: Manchester
Worst-dressed city: Stoke
Safest city: Swansea
Most dangerous city: Glasgow
Drunkest city: Glasgow
Best sense of humour: Liverpool
Most polite: Cardiff
Best all-round place to set up home: Bristol

Read the full article in The Sun.

Infomaniac…reading The Sun for you so you don’t have to be seen buying it.


  1. Oh yes - Manchester is certainly the Best dressed city - I do try to set an example.
    And doesn't that photo flatter John Prescott? He's not that good looking in real life!

  2. Manchester best dressed? What a load of bollocks. It's only the visitors that are well dressed. Then they get held up at knifepoint and robbed of those sharp clothes.

    Liverpool best sense of humour? I suppose they need one, given how many of them are in jail and how many of them have their cars nicked.

    Hull - Spot on. Well done, The Sun. First true thing they've stated this year.

    Cardiff - Of course they're polite to EACH OTHER. No other fucker will talk to them.

    I can't be arsed commenting on the rest.

  3. how come barnsley isnt on the list for the most obese place in the uk?

    not that t&p or myself are obese we are the only skinny's in barnsley haa haaa

  4. I'm moving to Hull straight away where I'll open a shop and never give anyone the right change.

  5. i've never heard of half of those places.

    nottingham: robin hood lives there!
    liverpool: weren't the beatles from there?
    glasgow: thought that was in scotland
    leicester: wasn't there an earl from somewhere around there
    birmingham: that's not in the UK, that's in Alabama.

  6. i demand oregon be put on the list.
    oregon is so poor, ill mannered and crime ridden that it deserves to be nominated an honorary british town.

  7. Notice how all the dumbest cunts in Britain are t'up North. Thats because if they had any sense they'd pack t'up bags and move downt south with the clever people - like myself.

    Best all-round place to set up home: Bristol - see thats down here!!

    Doesn't mention best place to retire..........anywhere in Dorset - the old bastards!

  8. Brighton- best place for a guy to get a shag up the shitter.

    I was going to 'big up' Cardiff sooner but was too polite to.

    If it was written in the Sun then everyone knows it must be true.

  9. Kaz: I’m afraid that pic flatters Prescott too much. But it pleases me that Canada isn’t the only land of loonie politicians.

    Piggy: “I can't be arsed commenting on the rest.”…
    *MJ revels in the silence*

    Midget Arse: Why wasn’t Barnsley on the list for “Biggest Gobs?” Not you, of course. The “others.”

    Geoff: Send us a postcard then if you’re not too tight to spend the money on postage.

    Pink: *sends Pink a map*

    FN: What about Portland?
    *defends Portland*

    Steve: Best place for a quick and dirty shag with a bloke who’s just a little poofy: Dorset.

    Tickers: Brighton?'s Dorset. See note to Steve.

  10. I'm booking my ticket for the UK right now. Thanks for giving me an itinerary, MJ.

  11. Yes Midgetarse,where is Obese Barnsley in the list?

    Probably too heavy to waddle into the list.

  12. *receives map*

    *still confused*

    *asks where's camelot?*

  13. Swansea safe? For the locals who are all carrying weapons maybe. Not for the man who was stabbed outside my front door whilst I was living there.

    Where do they get there stats? Well it's probably from The Sun readers themselves

  14. Hey don't diss the Sun readers. I'm a Sun reader....well when I say read......I mean look at the pretty pictures really.

  15. mj:
    portland WAS one small refuge of coolness in an otherwise bleak picture (titled 'Ozarks West')right up until they renovated the Paramount Northwest into the 'Irene Schnitzler concert auditorium for white people' and everything just went to HELL.

    *feeling very grumpy just remembering it*

  16. So I was born in the worst dressed and second stupidest city in the UK and then went to University in the most intelligent.....probably both true actually.

  17. i always hide my copy of the Sun behind a porn mag. i don't want to been seen reading trash...