Thursday, October 05, 2006

Best Shaggin’ Wagon

Above: Infomaniac's choice - The Volvo P1800
Looks likes this lucky lady is being chatted up already. Don't just stand there! Get your motor runnin'....head out on the highway!

If this car is rockin’ don’t bother knockin’.

The Volvo Estate has been voted the best car to have sex in.

The poll revealed 68 per cent of people have had nookie in a car. And one in ten say they have actually engaged in sex WHILST DRIVING.

The poll does not reveal whether or not, like our friend First Nations, they honked the horn with their arse.

The Top 10 “passion wagons”

1. Volvo Estate
2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van
3. VW Camper Van
4. BMW 3 Series Saloon
5. Ford Escort
6. Audi TT
7. Land Rover Discovery
8. Porsche Carrera
9. VW Golf
10. Ford Focus

"A red Volvo P1800 is best," says Infomaniac. "Not very spacious, but stylish as Hell."


  1. YAY! first! wooohoooo!

    mj - which passion wagon do you and mr. mj own?

    have you ever noticed there are alot of children these days named after cars and cities?

  2. Pink: We don't own a car. But that doesn't mean I haven't done my research.

    But do you know anyone named Volvo? Careful how you say that.

  3. Volvo P1800 the car Roger Moore drove as Simon Templar in the Black and white 1960's series The Saint.

    I've never had any nookie in my Reliant Three Wheeler, can't think why?

  4. Ha ha, MrCuntt has a Volvo Estate

  5. Tickers: Right you are! Simon Templar drove a P1800 in The Saint...still in reruns in Canada.

    The P1800 was Volvo's only sexy car.

    Is your Reliant still on the road?!

    Frobi: Please ask MrCuntt to verify the survey results and get back to us.

  6. Well, heck, it looks a bit cramped in there, donchathink?

    Me, I'd prefer a limo....a limo hummer that is. Why? Cause I need SPACE!

  7. Awaiting: You need space for your big arse.

  8. Piggy rubbing off on you huh!?

    My arse is not big! Although it will be soon. I have been doing squats, lunges and a multitude of other thigh and butt and tummy exercises so that I can look like this...


  9. well, that didn't work..try this...

  10. Awaiting: I'll just call you Bubble Booty, then.

  11. nah, just call her what the rest of us call her. yo, fat ass!

    works every time. although, it tends to get confusing if you yell it in walmart. then a whole bunch of people turn around and go what do ya want?

  12. The fully optioned Chevrolet Monte Carlo Luxury Edition c.1976 is the ideal venue for an afternoon of delight or a night of nookie! Sumptuous, wide leather bench seating front and rear, a Pioneer stereo system with Dolby Surroundsound, remote adjustable mirrors and Infiniteadjust Air make forgetting the Fully Adjustable Steering Column option somewhat less embarrassing in retrospect.

  13. Reliant is blocking up my garage with the engine in pieces at the moment. Motorcycle blocking up my hall way.

  14. I'd like to do it in a Yugo. With a dwarf. Guess we'd have to leave the door open since I'm 5'10. But I do yoga so I'm flexible.

  15. Pick up trucks always seem like fun ,if you want to get dareing you just go out into the bed and then you have 6 feet of romping room.

  16. Pink: She's going to kill us, you realize?

    FN: The Monte Carlo sounds luxurious but you can't beat the lack of space in a P1800 for imaginative positioning.

    Tickers: In other words, your house smells of grease right now.

    SID: A convertible!

    Pru: Yugo? You-Go!

    Geo: Ladies and gentlemen, a truck expert has spoken. Pay attention. He knows his stuff.

  17. i will deny everything!

  18. Can't beat a nice roomy Eastern European classic - like a Lada Riva for instance.

    Ja, das ist gut!

  19. steve - is that the car in which you dream piggy is playing with your starfish?

  20. this Lada Riva, I bet:

  21. Pink: You'll have to!

    Steve: Who let you onto this blog?
    *opens trap door*

    Lada Riva? No, das ist NICHT gut.

    Pink: Remember, Steve is just a LITTLE poofy.

    FN:That's too subtle a license plate for Steve.

  22. steve THINKS he's only a little poofy. besides, the rest of us love picking at him making him worry that he may be gay. we know he's not gay. no, he's really BI!

  23. The Volvo works...if you're Mr. Bill. We've seen pix of you many times now, MJ.

    We know you're fibbing.

    I'm just sayin'

  24. WW: Well you're only looking at my recent pics. But "back in the day!"...

  25. I'm sure the gathered collective would enjoy seeing a pic of you "back in the day."

    Dare you.

  26. just wait til' i finish my post. i bet one of my answers will be correct!

  27. WW: What's it worth to you?

  28. MJ, it's worth all the money in the world (and, who knows, maybe a few laughs seeing as I expect you'll post a pic of anyone but YOURSELF).

    But to make this historic moment truly meaningful, you must also post a picture of today's MJ.

    We want to see what this Wizard of all that is Weird and Wonderful and Wacky looks like.


    I dare you.

  29. WW: I'll want the cash up front.

  30. Give me your address or bank account info. Will a money order do or do you want traveller's cheques? Unmarked bills?

    Monopoly money?

    The 8,000,000 pennies I've been putting in my son's Mega Bloks Dragon's tin for the past five years?

  31. Yup, that Volvo P1800 looks like a pretty hot ride!