Monday, October 09, 2006

Caption This!

I’d planned a posting today about Canadian Thanksgiving which we’re celebrating this weekend.

But just as I was mashing the potatoes, along comes THIS image from hell and completely threw me off my turkey dinner…

Tazzy and Piggy

Caption this pic. I know it disgusts you and makes you feel filthy but it’s got to be done.


  1. What do Canadians give thanks for?
    (That wasn't a caption, just a question)

  2. Vicus: We give thanks we're not Americans.

  3. Caption...

    The new felching...
    after a good ear fucking, ? liked his lover to lick the etc etc etc...

    gotta go, cookies to toss...

  4. Cunt.

    Excellent response to Vicus too, I might add.

    You're still a cunt though.

  5. or piggy waxes his tongue, to remove the hairs left over from rimming tazzy....

  6. btw, T & P, I mean no personal offence by these 'captions'.

    some of my best friends are gay.
    and black,
    and jewish,
    in wheelchairs too :)

  7. "Auditions start for new 'Lord of the Rings' film - Orcs first"

  8. And now, introducing the new and IMPROVED Wondertongue Vac Piggy Edition!

    For all your suctioning needs this is the vacuum for you!

    No mess is too big or small. This tongue works miracles! Just point into direction, pat Piggy on the arse and watch in awe at the great power that this tonguevac provides!

    Now with new swirl motion!

  9. Okay, that was lame.

    Its still early.

  10. "Does my tongue look big in this?"

  11. a) Can't think of a caption. Seriously, words fail me on such a photo.

    b) "We give thanks we're not Americans."

    Fuck off.

    c) *goes to burn out eyes with branding iron with a bleach eye wash follow-up*

  12. Keep 'em comin'. Great work here so far!

  13. Tazzy waited patiently for the special needs bus to come.

    Oh, Im going to be here all night..brilliant MJ!

  14. happy thanks giving MJ

    errr a caption eh
    here goes

    yukkkkkk you dirty cunt your ear is full of wax (says piggy)

    gotcha haa haa (says tazzy)

  15. Despite the bar being closed Piggy still found alcohol in the aftershave.

  16. Tazzy prayed that Piggys snot catching skills would soon be socailly acceptable.

  17. As will be my spelling of the word socially

  18. The night was young but Tazzy had wished Piggy had not eaten garlic earlier.

  19. Midget Arse: I bet that scene plays itself out all day around their house.

    Pru: Nasty! Good one.

    SID: Are you hepped up on goofballs today?

    They're going to get their revenge on you, you do realize?

  20. Ow: Good thing you've changed your name. You're going to need the witness protection programme after those comments.

    Frobi: Ugly filthy Orcs. Ha!

    Awaiting: Excellent advertising promo. No takers though.

    Kapitano: Doesn't it though?!

    Maidink: That nasty bit about Americans was just for my Philadephia filly.
    *no! don't beat me with my lacrosse stick!*

    Piggy: Get SID and get him GOOD.

  21. caption:
    Piggy: "Nu gliar, iss don tase' nughing glike shickgn!"

  22. I'm really high on goofyballs more pleaseee?

    There was no need for a flash camera as the light reflecting off their heads served its purpose well.

  23. MJ - We will!

    FN - We don't do foreign.

    SID - We've a special surprise for you. Coming soon.

  24. Tazzy was unaware that the stones which had developed in Piggy's saliva glands had lead to an infection.

  25. someone! help me! piggy's gone rabid and is after my ear again!

  26. tazzy: for the hundredth time today, NO, it's NOT a chancre.
    I don't think.

  27. tazzy: it's not mine....I don't wear contacts, darling....

  28. FN: It's the other white meat.

    SID: Don't make me make you go cold turkey.

    Tickers: Which appears to have spread to his brain.

    Pink: I hope he's had his shots.

    FN: His HEAD is a chancre though.

    Pissoff: You're disgusting. Please come back soon.

  29. Taz: "No you dozy bumeyed twat I said Oral Sex not Aural sex, now fuck off! And while you're there, put some more germolene on those scabs up the side of your face!"

    Piggy: "Grunt"

    Dirty cunts.

  30. Steve: I shouldn't let you play. Obviously you know them FAR too well!

  31. "Piggy found a way to economise on soap - he just kept a bear to lick him clean every morning."