Friday, November 24, 2017

Virgil, Quick, Come See, There Goes Robert E. Lee

Click here to read an excellent post by Mr. Peenee regarding the removal of Confederate monuments of the Civil War.


Note #1: My idea for posting this image came from a comment by Normadesmond on Peenee's post.

Note #2: This blog post title contains lyrics from "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," a song written by Robbie Robertson and released on the 1969 album, The Band.

Note #3: We are installing this statue of Divine in the Infomaniac Sculpture Garden


  1. As I said to Norma, Norma I said, this is a fabulous idea and we must not allow the nattering nabobs of negativism to derail it.

  2. Better than that shocking Lucille Ball statue.

  3. I'm all for replacing those statues with iconic critter or food symbolizing that location. If it were Canada, I'd think a huge statue of beaver or a heaping plate of poutine should be up there. Better yet, a beaver holding up a plate of poutine!

    For New Orleans, a gator holding up a glass of hurricane! Or a bowl of flaming bananas foster!

    1. For Franconia this would be a Wild Boar holding up a glass of Sylvaner ... or one of those incredible brews only the locals can stomach in Upper Franconia.

  4. I'm glad the Sculpture Garden is still open as, somewhat coincidentally, I had Medusa round for afternoon tea and, inexplicably, the garden is littered with little stone birds, while a distinct trail of statues has sprung up through the village...

  5. I want one for Bette Midler.


    If Divine isn't a symbol for the
    "other civil war," then slap me.

    Minneapolis' sculpture garden is nice, but
    (like we didn't know it) Infomaniac's is nicer!