Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Going away for the weekend...

Anyone care to come along?


  1. Replies
    1. In this case, MJ will be the only living being on the field... along with the monkey.

  2. Getaway? I have a timeshare there.

  3. Sounds lovely... shall I pack my creamer?

  4. Is it any wonder you need a get away with all this banning, Mapletops Jacks? Does anyone know if Norma started a support group for us banned folk?

  5. i can't travel by train anymore; seems i've given all the conductors gifts and they're bent on throwing me off the moving cars now.

  6. Bitchfield - site of a long lost Russ Meyer movie "Holy Shit, go and move it!". Maybe some of the bitches appeared as extras ... Norma as "Lady on a slow moving train to China", Princess as "The Blooming Gardener", Mistress Maddie as herself carrying a large brown paperback ...

  7. Unfortunately, my travel funds have been reallocated so I won't be able to join you. Perhaps next year, we'll enjoy feasting in Big Beaver!

    Thanks for all your support and friendship. Be safe and have fun on your travels!

    Happy Holidays


    and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year full of Good Fortune, Good Friends, and Good Times!!!

    _I_...._I_ Cheers!!!

  8. Come home soon darling... you have almost been gone a year!
    Oh... And have a happy new one!

  9. I opened a branch of mrpeenee's Trailer Park there, it's called Hobo Heaven. You get a can of sterno and a dirty blanket when you check in and the showers (a hose run over from the faucet next door) features cucumber scented lice soap. Infomaniac bitches get a special rate, but it's not a discount.

    1. I have a photo of Mr. Peenee's Hobo Heaven which I'm saving for January.

  10. Mistress MJ has rolled out the New Year's Eve disco ball.

    See new post.

  11. There is a place in Cornwall, England called Brown Willy,+Saint+Breward&hl=en&sll=52.8382,-2.327815&sspn=7.660759,21.643066&oq=brown+willy&t=h&hnear=Brown+Willy&z=13

    1. There's also "Massage on the Moors" and the "Jamaica Inn" ... will you perform there, Fanny ?

    2. Brown Willy?

      It must be near the arse end of Cornwall.

    3. hello 63mago: yes, I would love to perform in Massage on the Moors and Jamaica Inn. My performance would probably involve me rolling up in a 1960s ambulance which has been painstakingly converted into a sex dungeon, and trolling the laybys and picnic sites looking for rough sex. But I'd really love to call in at Brown Willy. That would be fun!

    4. There's a whole host of beastly nameplaces the length and breadth of the United States of England:

      Shitterton, in Devon;
      Ugley in Essex;
      Butt Hole Road in Doncaster;
      the village of Twatt in Scotland;
      Sluts Hole Lane in Norwich;
      Blue Vein in Wiltshire;
      Bottom Flash in Cheshire;
      Cocklick End, Lancashire;
      Cuckoo's Knob, Wiltshire;
      Dirty Gutter, Staffordshire;
      Gay Street, Sussex;
      Great Cockup, Cumbria;
      Lickey End, Worcestershire;
      Sandy Balls, Hampshire;
      Shitlington Crags, Northumberland;
      Titty Ho, Northamptonshire;
      Wetwang, near Bridlington.

      This is just a few, there's plenty more. You'd think the local government would change these shocking names for something easier-on-the-ear, but no, that is the English way - keep the name alive, however embarrassing it is!

    5. And we have Dildo, Newfoundland; Come By Chance; and Fanny Bay.

    6. My word. How I would love to visit the place called Dildo.

      As for the place called Fanny Bay..... *flutters eyelashes immodestly*.

    7. In Québec, there's a town called Les Boules (the boobs)

      But it's in France that we find the best ones:

      Montcul : my ass
      Corps-nuds : naked bodies
      Froidcul : cold butt
      Les Crottes : the turds
      Deux Verges : 2 cocks
      Ste-Verges : Holy Cock
      Anus : need I translate this one?
      Comdom : !
      Bourré : stuffed as in fucked

      and it goes on and on and on...

    8. Merci, Huggy Jon!

      These French town names are new to me!