Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Thombeau!

It all began innocently enough.

We were shopping online for houseboys when we discovered a bejeweled oasis of divine decadence; a galaxy of glamour; a kaleidoscope of camp and kitsch.

We had piloted our starship onto Planet Fabulon.

And we would never look back.

Cocktail in hand, houseboys at our beck and call, we flounced through the funhouse of fabulosity that is Fabulon.

Soon we would encounter the other inhabitants of this stunning celestial body: known to all as FABULONIANS.

You probably recognize a few of these Fabulonians for they include TJB (Stirred, Straight Up, With a Twist); Ayem8y (Mean Dirty Pirate); Mr. Peenee; Jason; Muscato; Damien; Mr. Peacock; Kevin; La Diva Cucina; Arthur Ignatowski and so many more!

The Fabulon Board of Directors

Naturally, you have questions.

What will you find when you visit Fabulon?

Thombeau speaks …

There's an open bar, an assortment of exotic fruit, dancing girls, house boys, bitter queens, aging seamstresses, snake charmers, Europeans, role models, dowagers, faeries, recovering goths, porn stars, starving artists, courtesans, survivors, pastry chefs, supermodels, ladies-in-waiting, native New Yorkers, sweet transvestites, sailors, club kids, high-priced hookers, bohemians, dandies, milliners, secret agents, sisters of Sappho, vampires, auteurs, voyeurs, poseurs, couturiers, friends of Dorothy, characters, hair hoppers, pharisees, contortionists, personal assistants, nuns, nymphomaniacs, disco dollies, jet setters, freedom fighters, cabaret singers, men of letters, gender benders, pundits, rainmakers, creatures of the night, exiled royalty, autodidacts, fetishists, cunning linguists, vaudevillians, lovers and other strangers, cads, choreographers, social butterflies, bodhisattvas, rough trade, show people, steppenwolves, living legends, new romantics, movers and shakers, stevedores, oenophiles, magicians, eunuchs, gorgons, twins, fishwives, starlets, harlots, non-conformists, coloraturas, ambassadors, hop heads, literati, swingers, imaginary friends, astronauts, vixens, bikers, leftists, gold diggers, gigolos, mesmerists, jockeys, ballerinas, braggarts, steampunks, hypocrites, hermaphrodites, dilettantes, millionaires, billionaires, zillionaires, and more wigs than you can shake a stick at. So start shaking your stick and join in the fun!

Basically, just another day on Fabulon!

“But what will I wear when I visit Fabulon?" you ask.

Thombeau speaks …

On Fabulon, there are no trends. If something was in fashion once, it is in fashion still. On Earth, or "the backward planet", they are subject to the whims of Time and Space. Thus, styles seem to come and go. Silly mortals! Fabulosity is eternal. THAT is the secret of Life! To that end, we have done our best to increase awareness of such accoutrements as the mantilla, the ruff, the cigarette holder...but there is so much more! The monocle, the lorgnette, spats, peplums, even the lowly merkin deserve not just to be remembered but to be displayed in the most ostentatious manner imaginable. Be it a dickey, an ear horn, a mood ring, a fez or a snood, nothing is too obscure. Wear them with pride, we say!

And so …

On behalf of the staff here at Infomaniac (Mistress MJ, The Houseboys, The Infomaniac Dancers and the Infomaniac Orchestra) we thank you Thombeau for your gifts of glitz and glamour.

Happy Birthday, Thombeau!

You’re faboo!

Visit FABULON: Life on a Fabulous Planet!


  1. Was a bit disappointed that there are no Pillow Fluffers on Fabulon. Then noted Dilettantes. That will do nicely.

  2. Happy Birthday Thombeau!

    Will we be any needing shots to visit the planet Fabulon? Will we be drinking shots at planet Fabulon?

  3. Yeay!
    I'm wearing my best mantilla in his honor.

  4. Oh Hai XL!

    Oh Hai Eros!

    Hmmm... guess I will have to go shopping. No mantillas in my wardrobe.

  5. Happy birthday, Thombeau!

    * fishes out mood ring and readies Broom for interglalctic flight *

    * throws mood ring away as it is, and forever shall be, black (but only because I dropped it once while in a foul mood) *

  6. Oh Hai, XL!

    and happiest birthday wishes to Thombeau or Tombo.

  7. Happy Birthday Thomb!
    Is there a place for blondes who've lost the plot on planet Fabulon?

  8. YAY!!!!!!

    Thombeau and Fabulon are our soul and inspiration.

  9. happy birthday Thombeau old chap...

    it should be noted 12th is pretty good for me....

  10. Wow, so many Fabulonian friends that ooze, trickle and spurt fabulosity! Isn't it sooooo divine that YOU Thombeau have brought us all together?!!! is in abundance today!

    (thanks MJ!!! you're such a sport!)

  11. I'm a fanulon ever since you pointed me in his direction.
    In fact fabulosity is now my favourite word.
    Happy Birthday Thombeau!!!

  12. Thanks, everyone! You kids are fucking awesome! And awesome fucking, from what I hear...But I digress!

    Special thanks to our hostess with the mostess, the ever-faboo Mistress MJ. Love you!!!


  13. A worthy post for the fabulous Thom!

  14. THOMBEAU: To quote both Muscato and Jason from over at Café Muscato, you are the “Mother of us all” and we are “suckling from the very teat of Fabulosity!”

    Long may you reign over us.

    We love you too!!!

    BITCHES: Thanks to everyone who dropped by today.

    Grab yourselves a cocktail and a houseboy and visit Fabulon today!