Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, CyberPete!

Bitches, did you know that our little Danish friend CyberPete loves lifeguards?


With that in mind, Infomaniac presents a special birthday pressie to CyberPete …

Wind me up…I’ll swim 25 feet!

Enjoy your junior lifeguard “swimming doll” with rust-resistant motor!

Note: IVD’s birthday story to you is a much better gift but at least you can be thankful I didn’t bake you a cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Pete!

    PS: I think the guy in the second row end seat, is waving to you!

  2. Happy birthday young man!

    I'm delighted to share the planet with such a stylish polite gentleman and I'm certain that Kylie feels the same.

    MJ those men look like they are preparing to hassle the Hoff? This obviously wasn't taken in Germany because Germans love David Hasselhoff.

  3. Oh Hai Cyberpete! Happy Happy Day to you.

    Hai XL, you're first and second, and Hai Donn, that makes me third!

  4. Best wishes Pete: Gesundheit, Glück und ein langes Leben!

    Bronze for Boxer?

  5. Happy Birthday, CP!

    Perhaps you'll spend your special day doing some charitable work like David Hasselhoff, reading to blind in a Christian home for disabled lifeguards.

  6. On a side note, the most disturbing thing in this picture--other than David Hasselhoff being sober--are the tiny human feet holding up that glass table.

  7. Happy birthday Pete darling.
    I hope your motor will never get rusty.

  8. Happy birthday, 'Petra!

    Don't listen to MJ - She got you a great gift: A Mechanical Man! He won't answer back and can cope with the wet stuff!

  9. Happy Birthday Pete!!!
    P.S With a pair of crocs you can walk on water.

  10. Happy Birthday to CyberPete
    Happy Birthday to CyberPete
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Dearrrr CYberPeeeeteeee....
    Happy Birthday toooo ewwwweeeeee!

    Hope you have a great birthday and get spoilt rotten. Don't listen to Scarlet - there aren't any crocs about.

    Pop round to mine for drinkies later?

  11. besest of happy birthdays to cyberpete! *puts a large festive package smelling of tomatoes in petes hands* look what i got you! a naked man! *runs*

  12. Yay First!!!!

    MJ: Bless you! That's exactly what one needs! A hunky lifeguard in his tiny red speedos. Or twelve.

    XL: Oh hai!

    Thanks, I love a hunky lifeguard, no matter what he's waving at me.

    Donn: In Germany they put him on a wall wearing a black leather jacket with Christmas lights sewn into them, and make him sing.

    Is that really love?

    Miss Boxer: Oh hai darling!
    How is your doggie?

    Mago: Danke schön mein freund.

    Mein gebuhrstag is sehr spass.

    Bingowings: Thanks.

    Yes very nice of the Hoff, but where's that old dude, Newman? Was he banished because he's the only one of the bunch who hasn't eaten a burger off a dirty floor?

    KAZ: Awwww, that's the nicest thing anyones said to me all day.

    IDV: You are really on to something there. Is SP bionic too?

    Miss Scarlet: Stop making me scared. Where are my Christian Louboutins?

    Roses: I expect this round of Champagne is on you. Lord knows I need a pick me up after getting hammered last night.

    FN: Awww you sweetheart.

    Ripe and firm? Just the way I like them.

  13. Happy Birthday Pete :-)
    Are you wearing your speedo's ???

  14. BEastie: Thanks you dear.

    I'm wearing whatever you want me to wear

  15. No disrespect to Pete, BUT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE TITTY TUESDAY, DAMMIT !

  16. Oi Heff!

    Be careful what you wish for. I may flash you mine.

  17. You got me there Mago. I'm not that brave.

  18. Damn, I thought my luck was in...


    Have another glass of bubbly love.

  19. Thanks dear!

    A toast, to absent MJ!

  20. Happy birthday CypberPete.

    MJ is attending the Archie McPhee School of Seriousness and must not be disturbed.

    There are parachuting chimpanzees.

  21. Happy happy birthday dear Cyberpete!

    And guess what, your package is winging its way to you as we speak, so you'll have sparkly birthday socks!

    Hi MJ!

  22. happy birthday, peteypet! xoxoxo

  23. BITCHES: Garfer was right.

    I was attending the Archie McPhee School of Seriousness with its parachuting chimpanzees.

    And hopping lederhosen!

    Thanks to everyone who dropped by to wish our CyberPoof a happy birthday.

  24. My steak purse has gone all of a quiver!