Monday, February 09, 2009

The Giant Underpants Escapade

Wondering whatever happened to the GIANT UNDERPANTS?

They’re on a horse, of course!

We shipped them across the country to Ponita in Winnipeg, pictured here holding them in her Kung Fu grip…

Here’s Ponita proudly displaying the GIANT UNDERPANTS. Doesn’t she look thrilled? They could have been yours, bitches, but Ponita WON. Don’t you wish you’d tried harder for them now?...

Let’s introduce you to Ponita’s horse, Thunder; a seven year old, grey Tobiano Paint/Arabian cross gelding. …

Yes, Thunder, you lucky boy, these GIANT UNDERPANTS are for YOU!...

The crowd is hushed as Thunder steps gingerly into the GIANT UNDERPANTS…

Will the GIANT UNDERPANTS be spacious enough to accommodate his big bottom?

Fait accompli!…

Hmmm…something’s not quite right. Thunder isn’t comfortable and a hole must be cut to accommodate his tail…

What are you lookin’ at?...

Oh, the humiliation…

We’re not sure if this is how Mr. Ed got his start in show biz but we think Thunder has real star quality.


  1. First is only appropriate, I think.

  2. He is definitely a star, that boy!

    Had a blast with the Giant Underpants...

    What's next on the contest horizon?

    A dirndl for dogs? Crinolins for cats?

  3. This horse must have the patience of a saint!

  4. Ok,

    ugh. right after i wrote ok, my kid puked all over me.

    So, needless to say, although i have cleaned up the mess and changed, i have to go do some MORE effing laundry and will be back to see what's gone on here. I guess I missed another of your awesome contests. And the thing is, I could have really used those underwear during this last spell of mudbutt I think I've finally put behind me.

    fuck the flu. Cold's are where it's at.

  5. a horse is a horse
    and underpants on a horse
    Thunder hangs his head

  6. bwahahahahhahahahahaha.

    That is all.

  7. ok, for THAT i don't mind being 7th!


    yukyukyukyuk (the appropriate laugh for those pics)

  8. Gotch'ya!
    Do you suppose that poor Thunder felt like a proverbial horse's ass puttin' up with all this horsin' around?

    I hear that Horses have long memories, so I hope you're prepared for some payback Ponita...
    you know that he's gonna gitch ya back someday.

  9. Oy vey!

    Thunder is a darling. Bless.

    But MJ you could have added some sequins, glitter, lace and/or tassels to make them extra special for Miss Ponita and Thunder.

  10. *pouts*
    i guess they do look better on the horse of course...

  11. You can lead a horse to water... and also make him wear underpants.

  12. Theres something about that horse, in those skimpy panties that has caused a stirring in my loin.

    Is that wrong?

  13. This photo essay may just get a Pulitzer nod for photojournalism...that is, if there's a category for Unseemly Horse Shenanigans.

  14. And I see now that these junderpants couldn't have become a tote bag. When you said enormous, well, I had no idea...

  15. gosh

    i think thunder has truly made those underpants his own.

  16. excellent ponita...well done!

  17. I know where those pants came from. They're actually worth a small fortune. They belonged to Picasso

  18. Eewwww... why on earth would Picasso go strolling in public in those?

    Thunder looks better anyway... not such a saggy old thing.

  19. Champion the Wonder Horse wouldn't have been seen dead in those big pants.

  20. PONITA: What’s next on the contest horizon?

    We could auction off a houseboy.

    MAGO: Not half as patient as you are with Mistress MJ’s list of demands.

    CHER: Great to have you back but keep your kid away from this blog.

    It must have been the photo of Piggy’s arse that made him vomit.

    XL: And what would you have done differently with the GIANT UNDERPANTS?

    BOXER: All your Chihuahuas could fit in the GIANT UNDERPANTS and still have room left over.

    SAVANNAH: You yukked so hard your photo morphed.

    MR.MORNINGWOOD: Oh Horsefeathers.

    CYBERPOOF: Thunder is not a drag queen’s horse.

  21. VOICES: We’re surprised you didn’t tell us how much better you could have filled out the GIANT UNDERPANTS in the front.

    SCARLET: *borrows Savannah’s “yuk yuk yuk” for that comment*

    SMUNTY: If your loins are tingling it’s not this pic that’s the problem.

    *hands Smunty a reliable ointment*

    LEAH: Did you not read the fine print when I said they had a 100-inch waist?

    CARNALIS: That’s what makes him a star.

    DAISY: *joins in on applause*

    SCARLET: His hound looks embarrassed for him.

    PONITA: *imagines Cubist rendering of Thunder*

    GARFY: The only reason Champion wouldn’t have worn them is that they would have got tangled in the Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

  22. I never cease to be amazed just how many pets and their owners look alike.

    It's really quite spooky.

    You have a pet sloth, don't you MJ?

  23. you are extremely lucky the horse didn't decide to take a crap in those pants or they would not be able to continue their travels around the world

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I know what you're up to anyway, missy, trying to make a pervert's sequel to the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. PIGGY: And you look like your pet macaque.

    EMMA: Are they travelling underpants?

    Like The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts?

  28. Piggy and Tazzy: Well, considering how cute Thunder is, I will take that as a compliment... thanks!

    If you meant it any other way, I am not listening... lalalalalala!

    *covers ears with hands*

  29. The plot of the Travelling Pants movie is that four teenage girls—Lena Kaligaris, Tabitha "Tibby" Tomko-Rollins, Bridget Vreeland, and Carmen Lowell—who are best friends and have been together all their lives in Bethesda, Maryland, but are about to separate for the summer. Lena is spending the summer in Greece with her grandparents; Tibby is staying at home; Bridget is going to soccer camp; and Carmen is visiting her father in South Carolina. On the eve of their separation, the girls visit a thrift shop and find a pair of pants that magically fits all four of them perfectly, although they have different measurements. The girls decide to share the pants equally among them over the summer as a way of keeping together when they are apart.

    I don't know how it works because three of the girls are tall and skinny and one of them is short and fat. It would almost be like putting a pair of knickers on a horse.

  30. The short answer is the PANTS are jeans

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. EMMA: Maryland?

    Are you secretly involved in this story?

  33. PONITA: Ooops, missed your comment.

    Piggy and Tazzy always mean the worst.

    You'll get used to it.

  34. too right I'm involved, me and a size 0 friend decided to do our own version of the Travelling Pants. When she went to Rio she left me the pants and I'd been wearing the size 0 fuckers for six months (I am size 12) without being able to get them off - in the end I had to be cut out of them with a hedge trimmer. I'm gonna sue the film for false advertising!

  35. EMMA: Size zero must be outlawed.

    Who is your friend, anyway?

    Posh Beckham?

  36. I'm thinking about horsey skid marks now.

  37. "done differently with the GIANT UNDERPANTS?"

    Donate them to the Circ du Soleil's new Las Vegas production Pantaloons du Monde.

  38. KNUDSEN: Let’s hope he hasn’t eaten a dodgy bran mash.

    XL: Donate?

    With the admission prices they charge, they can buy them from me.

  39. Those pants aren't large enough, if anything. Real large pants should fit snuggly under the arms (or front legs, if you're a horse).

    They're giant low rise bikini briefs rather than underpants.

  40. It's funny seeing Old Knudsey mention skid-marks.

    I always think of him whenever I think of skiddies.

    Not that I think of skiddies often, of course. Only sometimes.

    It's a bit like when I think of beef dripping and Beast pops into my head.

    Or when I think of doner kebabs and MJ pops into my head.

  41. BETTY: Are you describing granny pants?

    PIGGY: Funny you should mention Beast and beef drippings.

    He’s mysteriously disappeared…off somewhere “cogitating”.

    Translated into Beastliness, I think that means he has a bowel disorder.

    I’ve never had a doner kebab but I’d like one.

  42. News: Mr Wow, that was Awkward has been having dirty dreams about a female blogger who he visited the other week. I wonder who it was?!

  43. I'll have to revise my need to potty announcement to fellow hikers when in the mountains next time. From now on, it will be, "I need to go see a man about a horse in underwear."

  44. Hey Scarlet - I didn't know Trouble is your middle name!

  45. poor horse.......all my monks (what we call underpants in this house) are that size....

  46. SCARLET: I’m sure he has confused me with Beast.

    Beast is fodder for a lot of bloggers’ dreams.

    AWKWARD: What is Miss Scarlet on about?

    Perhaps I should pop round to your blog and see what nonsense is going on.

    MANUEL: Monks…tee hee.

    How about “sugarloaf slings”?

  47. NATIONS: Trust you to dirty things up.

    Did you know that Beast is off with a digestive disorder?

  48. Funny thing, I actually DID see that pic of piggy's arse. Mind you, I was being stealthy, but he may very well have caught a glimpse.

    Oh, and I was over at inners blog today attempting to catch up there and noticed your lovely plee for an invite to my blog and thought you'd feel extra special basking in the knowledge that I sent out your invite before I read your fearful cries of possible forgotten-ness ;)

  49. CHER: A lovely plea?

    I believe I called you a bitch!

    Thanks for finally remembering me.