Monday, February 02, 2009

Away Today

Mistress MJ is away today.

In her absence, The Infomaniac Orchestra will entertain you…

Beast, you may take the day off from hand-laundering our delicate undergarments.

But Mago, we’ll be expecting a foot massage upon our arrival home.

While we’re away, please observe the following house rules:

1. No pushing or shoving in an attempt to be first to comment.
2. No emitting bodily fluids.
3. No name-calling. Can’t we all just get along?

Have a nice day.


  1. You can't expect peace and quiet after you send in the clowns! It's going to be a circus and the freaks are coming out!

  2. No wonder Infomaniac was flagged, there is explicit SAX!

  3. I already failed 2 out of 3 of your rules.

    and if I could reach XL, I'd get a third.

  4. ***cavorts nekkid with MJ's delicates on head***

  5. Oh no!

    Clowns scare me. Thanks MJ. That's the kind of beginning to a week anyone needs.

    *goes back into fetal position and resumes shaking*

  6. My, that clown has a big horn...

  7. Is that the little known Canadian blackface, Al Molson?

    I'm stuck at home today because we've got about an inch of snow. The whole of the south east has come to a standstill!

    I'm forever blowing bubbles.

  8. this is my first day back at work for a week...there will be shouting...oh yes...there will...

  9. Geoff, how can you be stuck at home with an INCH of snow???

    It takes about a foot of the white stuff here to keep us at home.

    What a bunch of wusses....

  10. I was exaggerating but it's still not THAT much. We just haven't got the infrastructure in London to cope with it. There's snow on the tracks!

  11. I don't remember giving you permission to take a day off?

    *scans desk for the memo

  12. BITCHES: *peeks in window*

    Ha! You thought we wouldn’t be checking up on you?

    *tells the orchestra to play louder so we don’t have to listen to your crazy talk*

    When we return tonight, this place had better been clean and tidy.

    Good day.

    *hikes petticoat up and steps over whichever bitch has passed out on the floor*

  13. Petticoat? Ach ...
    These clowns come directly from Dr. Phelps' orchestrion.

  14. you posted today? i'm still basking in MY.FIRSTNESS.OF.YESTERDAY. xoxox

    (and i have une mal de tête from last night.)

  15. YES! As a girl with a major clown fetish this certainly gave me the horn. I'd love to toot on their big horns any day of the week.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. After a second and more intense look at them I decided that I like them clowns. They seem to have a jolly good times and wear fab hats!
    I'll tune in and trööt away the evening ...
    Hello Savannah - belated congrats, it's a little LOUD in here, YEAH LOUD I saied ... TRÖÖÖT ...

  18. CUNTS! just did a one and a dirty #2. I only stop by to see if yer still here I see yer not.

  19. he he I pretended to pass out and peered up Miss MJ's skirt

  20. The clowns certainly have big horns but I suspect they bat for the other side

  21. Don't tell CyberPete or he'll have the whole troupe at his place in short order.

  22. Where's the dame?
    Exhausted clowns all over the place ... one or two even fell off the balustrade into the lilacs, luckily it's just 1,50 meter (or one MJ).

  23. BITCHES: There is no way we’re answering you all individually despite your funny LOL comments. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! There. We’re all laughed out. “Knackered” as the Brits say.

    However, there will be TWO posts on Tuesday to make up for it all.

    Oh where are our manners?

    LULU: Welcome to Infomanaic!

    We recognize you from Miss Scarlet’s blog, XL’s blog and Donn’s blog, amongst others.

    How is work on the bug movie coming along?

    Cum again. We like your hat.

    MAGO: We’re ready for our foot massage.

    *raises petticoat to reveal delicate ankles*

    This time, we’ll let you go as high as our ankles.

  24. Yer feet are smocking hot ... that's why we will use a tiny drop of that cooling gel ... delicate ankles ... careful here ... hope the day was a success ... what a feeling the old say that any part of the sole correspondents with another part of the body ... nice petticoat
    Done now.

  25. MAGO: Where are you going?

    We haven’t dismissed you yet!

  26. Sorry - I beg your pardon. I was looking at the pictures. "Chad" in all his "Chadness" gives me the creeps. He seems to think that he can solve all problems with his willie ...

    Hope you are comfortable here.

  27. MAGO: Keep your mind on your work.

  28. MY fingers are grabbing deep into yer flesh --- thehee, nonsense, soles of feet need careful work, toe wiggeling included ... what an interesting architecture such a foot has ... very nice and soft skin ... did you paint your nails? ... other one please ... fine, relaxing isn't it? ... where's a houseboy?

  29. Dear Mistress I have to leave. What a glorious feeling ... these ankles are promising ... it is a pleasure, hope you found it relaxing ... Merlot?

  30. MAGO: You are the houseboy.

    Resume your duties tomorrow.