Friday, November 25, 2016

The Last Waltz

40 years ago today...


On November 25th, 1976, THE BAND gave a spectacular farewell performance at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.

The Band were four Canadians and an American who developed their own unique sound.

Left to right: Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko and Richard Manuel.

The Band invited a few of their friends to perform along with them at their final farewell. Friends such as:

Bob Dylan
Eric Clapton
Van Morrison
Neil Young
Joni Mitchell
Muddy Waters
Ronnie Hawkins
Dr. John
... and more.

Captured on film by Martin Scorsese and released in 1978, The Last Waltz is The Mistress's favourite concert film.


What's your fave concert film, Bitches?


  1. "The brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good. It's suggested that you do stay away from that."

    Woodstock! Most of the music (sans The Band, btw), none of the mud! Scorsese worked on this one as well.

    1. LX: The Band performed at Woodstock and you can see them performing “The Weight” here.

      Several acts, including theirs, were cut for the film. I believe there were legal complications.

  2. Helm, the drummer, was the American, perhaps you have read his autobiography.
    Sad to say, but I barely know any concert films.

    1. MAGO: I met Levon a long time ago and he was very friendly and sweet toward me.

      When he died, I posted this.

      Yes, I've read his autobiography and I've just finished reading Robbie Robertson's autobiography, "Testimony" which is excellent.

    2. I feel strangely moved. A bit like looking at a brownish photograph bit crumbled at the edges. It was a different time.
      H.S.Thompson was right, when one has the right eyes one can see the high water mark where the wave broke.
      Tah - I do not want to feel like this. Perhaps I should take my "midlife crisis" now.

    3. MAGO: What you said…. A bit like looking at a brownish photograph bit crumbled at the edges. It was a different time AND Hunter S. Thompson’s “wave” speech are giving me much pause for thought.

  3. norma's favorite concert film?

    how about florence foster jenkins?

    1. NORMA: The Mistress was amused by that film and by Streep's performance.

  4. I don't have a favorite, but this and Woodstock were great! xoxoxo

    1. SAVANNAH: The Mistress will be watching her DVD copy of The Last Waltz tonight, in honour of its 40th anniversary.

      The first time I saw the film in the cinema, I was high. At one point, Neil Diamond took to the stage and that killed my buzz fast! But aside from Neil, it was a fabulous concert.

  5. Oh, dear. I've never heard of The Band. And I don't have a favourite concert film (or just plain concert) either. Concerts were just never my thing.
    I have experienced several Elvis concert films by proxy, though. Inexcuseable's a big fan...

    1. I will have to sit next to Mr Devine and share my popcorn because I am not hot on concert films either.
      Does Spinal Tap count?

    2. MR. DeVICE: You may not know The Band but you know their music.

      The AbFab theme song This Wheel’s on Fire was co-written by Bob Dylan and The Band’s Rick Danko.

      MISS SCARLET: Spinal Tap is excellent!

      Turn it up to eleven!

  6. Does the ABBA (1977) movie from Australia count? I recently saw this gem on TMC. The hair, the clothes, the dance moves and songs, the Swedish and Aussie accents--luved it!

    1. EROS: Yes, let’s count ABBA in. Because we can’t get enough platform boots, jumpsuits, satin and sequins… in every colour.

  7. Bette Midler - Diva Las Vegas

    **places chaste kisses on Mistress feet as is proper**