Friday, January 10, 2014

This Magic Moment

We here at Infomaniac want to know about one of YOUR most memorable childhood moments.


In yesterday's "The Gayest Thing You've Ever Done" post, we heard AyeM8y's story, as follows...

"When I was six, I helped my great aunts stage a garage sale where they sold off gobs of costume jewelry in plastic baggies for a nickel. I bought all of it, plus a big white patent leather snap purse to haul it all around.

We went to a department store where I insisted on carrying my new purse. My dad nearly had a heart attack but my mother gave him that look that said, don't draw attention to it! I soon grew tired of carrying twenty pounds of jewels and decided to focus on busting into my neighbors house to riffle through Mrs. Mitchell's closet and to watch Mr. Mitchell taking a shower through a clear glass enclosure.

This all happened on the same day."

AND we heard from Princess...

I'll never forget the time I fought with another boy over who was going to wear the sparkly tutu... We punched each other after arguing and squealing a lot.

I eventually won... I bit him on the wrist... He want running off crying to his Mummy while I donned the prize. Sadly my victory was short lived... It turned out that His Mummy... Was the kindergarten teacher!...

I spent the rest of the day outside sitting on the veranda... Not wearing my hard fought for prize and was still there wondering what I'd done wrong when my Mummy came to pick me up... I only wanted to wear the pretty dress darlings...



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    2. Those nickel bags your great aunts sold and you transported in a large bag...are you sure your great aunts weren't selling weed and were you a drug mule?

  2. Did I ever tell you about the time when I was five and I wanted a Baby Alive doll for Christmas?

    I got a baseball bat and glove instead.

    I had that doll before the end of the day!

    She soon landed in the bottom of the toy box before long where she stayed until her hair became matted and her body mangled.

    1. Is this her?

      Sounds like you were having your first of many Dawn Davenport cha-cha-heels moments.

    2. Oh ayem8y I adore your story! I think you should come to the Casa and tell me some over G&T's in bed, while we watch Mame!

  3. Marilyn Jugs, EVERYTHING I do is the gayist thing I ever done. Except maybe that flamboyant queen at the hair parlor. I fart glitter.

  4. And Prinny, you would be excellent backstage at a drag show.

  5. you mean like when i discovered my next-door-neighbor had a gorgeous huge cock & i started servicing him regularly? you mean stuff like that?

  6. I'll have to pass on this one too. My childhood was as boring as a doorknob.

    OK, Fine! MY WHOLE LIFE is as boring as a doorknob. Happy now?

    Now I'm going to cry again.


  7. Well there was the year that I was the only boy on the syncronised swimming team... I looked a treat in speedo's and a nose clip... Or there was the time at high school where i demanded that boys be allowed to participate in the cooking and sewing classes...and i got my way onthe grounds that they were just being sexist (it was the 70's darlings) I hated the option of woodwork and metal work.

    Then there was the time that i demanded that they allow me to enter the "Ladies potato peeling championship" at the local fair. After much discussion among the judges they let me compete... Needless to say I won darlings... I even had my picture taken for the local paper wearing the first prize sash...

    1. Princess, you are a pioneer!!! I love your fighting spirit to go after what you want--tutu or sash, it's all very fabulous!

      Now I'm curious, so what do they do with all those peeled potatoes after the competition? French fries? Potato salad? Mashed potatoes?

    2. The Fair was a fundraiser for the local hospital... the potatoes ended up in the kitchens... I guess the patients had mashed spuds with every meal for a week...

  8. I think that I had a homosexual experience when I was 16. I went over to a teammates (baseball) house when his parents were gone one Sat. and we got into the liquor cabinet. After several experimental drinks we started ,making out then got naked and rubbing our bodies together and masturbating each other. After a few hours of that I went home and the next Mon. at practice he told me that he was drunk that he didn't remember anything about the afternoon. I remembered everything but said that I didn't either. We avoided each other after that day.

  9. I used to dress up as Mae West on a regular basis, did the voice really well until puberty finished its work. Also Barbara Walters, Lynn Redgrave (the mod one), Marlene Dietrich and the fictional Dezerta Jackson...

    I often wonder if anyone thought that I might be gay...

  10. In memory, my childhood has only two flavors: total happiness and abject misery. I think it's telling that most of the happiness came in the company of my two grandmothers and their extended circle of friends and relations. In my heart of hearts I'm a girl of the 19-teens, a bridge-playing matron of the '40s, and a little old lady enjoying a nice glass of sherry ("get me another, will you, dear - so nice to have someone young in the house!" - possibly the most commonly heard phrase in my life, ages 7 - 12).

  11. I fell off a chair whilst pretending to be a weeping willow waving in the wind; the back of the chair caught my bum as I fell. I still have a dimple in my buttock to this day.