Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mr. Peenee's Hobo Heaven

Do you remember Mistress MJ's little trip to Bitchfield?

Mr. Peenee says, "I opened a branch of Mr. Peenee's Trailer Park there, it's called Hobo Heaven."

Click pic to enlarge.

"You get a can of Sterno and a dirty blanket when you check in and the showers (a hose run over from the faucet next door) features cucumber scented lice soap.

Infomaniac bitches get a special rate, but it's not a discount."


  1. Is he... is he wearing... is he really...


  2. *Wakes up*

    Oh and FIRST!

    *faints again*

  3. it does look like heaven on earth...
    ...where do i mount my hitch?

  4. Wait until the Tennents association hears about this!
    Can I reserve the top one please, for two weeks in July? I can give my muff an airing in comfort, knowing that they won't be any nosy parkers gawping at me through my window enroute to their own shit tips. I'm quite looking forward to it, I've never been to Butlins before.

    1. Ahh! Tennents Super - " It can only be described as a cross between dog shit and mouldy cheese with a hint of sweetness." According to this review. Jx

  5. I see there's a fire extinguisher for safety. Now, do the crocs come with the room?

    I'd like the green room with the windmill on top--I like a room with a view and within walking distance of the wading pool.

    And does the outhouse come with the local newspaper and pennysaver or are we expected to bring our own toilet tissue?

  6. Peenee is a well-known hobosexual.

  7. All our units come with a view. And the pay phone has the parole office on sped dial.

  8. Replies
    1. fine, but you cash the commission checks, right?